Why Independent Woman Are Single Forever & How To Change It

Are you a single, independent woman searching for a deep and meaningful connection but struggling to find it? You’re not alone. Many independent women find themselves navigating the dating world with high standards, a busy life, and a sense of self-sufficiency that can sometimes hinder their quest for love. But what if these very qualities…


Communicating Emotional Needs: 9 Things You Need To Consider

Relationships are complicated. From friendships to colleagues to romantic relationships, we are constantly faced with opposing emotional needs. In a romantic relationship, for example, one partner needs a lot of verbal reassurance while the other has a hard time communicating feelings. On paper, this is doomed to fail right? It is not. Because it all…


How to transform an emotional trigger into positive change

Emotional trigger, we all have one or multiple throughout the day. Sometimes small things like a belated friend or the dirty dishes in the sink can make us go from calm and relaxed to furious and in rage in seconds. Certainly, there are a variety of techniques helping to calm these emotional triggers. These techniques…

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Self-Sabotage Behavior: How to Overcome the Hidden Subconscious Barriers

Have you ever found yourself making progress towards a goal, only to suddenly veer off course, sabotaging your efforts? Self-sabotage behavior can be a perplexing and frustrating experience, leaving us puzzled and questioning why we hinder our progress and success. It seems as though an invisible force within us is working against our best intentions,…


How To Feel Your Emotions-The Best and Simplest Guide

Statistics state that only 36% of people in the world can perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions* yet emotions are part of everyone’s life. But how come people, are so disconnected from something ever-present in their life? The answer is simple. Nobody teaches it. In school, there are lessons on math, languages, and science…


Letting Go Of The Past: Daring A New Beginning

Letting go of the past. Like a backpack weighed down by heavy stones, many people find themselves burdened by the weight of their past, unaware of its pervasive influence on their daily lives. From shaping their choices to dictating their actions, the ghosts of past experiences can hinder personal growth and progress. Whether it’s the…

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How To Eliminate Self-Doubt Forever

Are you on a mission to live your passion, show yourself to the world and achieve the success you always wanted but get blocked by thoughts of “I am not good enough. I am not ready.”? Then you are likely experiencing self-doubt. Whether it is a new idea, a goal, or just positive feedback you…

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Cognitive Journaling For Mental Health- Easy And Effective

If you struggle with stress, anxiety, or depression, starting journaling for mental health is a great idea. Most mainstream journaling practices though can make you feel good at first but later make you spiral into negativity, self-criticism, and hopelessness. For that reason, cognitive journaling for mental health offers an alternative and systematic approach to journaling….

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Tame the Monkey Mind with Love and Compassion – Guided Meditation

Tame the Monkey Mind Meditation Free Download The monkey mind is a Buddhist term for the unsettled, restless, indecisive, uncontrolled, and confused mind. It’s the part of the mind that is the most connected to the ego. People experiencing the monkey mind often feel prevented from moving forward in life easily distracted creatively blocked Due…

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Practical and Powerful Mindfulness Practices To Transform Addiction

Maybe you have stumbled across mindfulness practices before and wonder how mindfulness practices transform addictions. Learn how mindfulness practices can powerfully transform your addiction and explore 5 easy techniques you can start today. The cost of addiction Addiction destroys you. It takes your good looks, your friends, your sense of humor, and also your freedom….


5 reason you can’t visualize images in your mind

In this article, you will learn 5 reasons why you can’t visualize images in your mind. A lot of people struggle with visualization. As soon as they close their eyes, they just see black or images are not clear. This causes a lot of frustration. The problem is that your ability to visualize determines your…

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Why belief is more important than talent

This article elaborates why belief is more important than talent and how to become good at something without having talent. You might be avoiding going after your passion because you think you don’t have talent. You look at the successful athlete or artist and think “they were born with that“, “they practiced for years already“….

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Emotional Healing: Owning your Pain

picture:  Free-Photos (CCO Public Domain) Emotional Healing is a necessity on your spiritual journey. Through owning your pain and finding liberation through healing, you will get to feel the constant joy, magic, and acceleration of life.Why emotional healing is so important and how to do it by owning your pain will be discussed in this…


Limiting Beliefs and the Law of Attraction

A belief is a mental attitude a person holds towards an event, an object or situation, where he or she believes something to be true. While a belief does not only influence the person’s mental attitude towards something, it also influences what they attract into their life.
What beliefs are and how limiting beliefs play into the law of attraction will be discussed in this article.


Law of Attraction- The Basic Understanding

The law of attraction is the basic rule governing this universe. The rule says that your focus determines your reality. Many think that it is as easy as thinking positive thoughts all the time. But there is more to the law of attraction than just focusing positively.
This article explains how the law of attraction works and how to use it in your life.


The Difference Between Wanting and Needing: Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the basic rule governing this universe. The rule says that your focus determines your reality. You could think right now that it is as easy as thinking positive thoughts but there is more to the law of attraction, especially when it comes to your desires. This article is focused on the difference between wanting vs. needing.


Getting things done- 5 Easy Steps

In a society that if full of infinite opportunities to distract yourself like watching TV, spending time on social Media, playing video games and going out partying all the time it’s easy to loose track of the things that are really important to your success and well-being.

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Negative Thoughts- How to Stop Recurring Negative Thoughts

Many spiritual teachings today tell you to get rid of negative thoughts. While negative thoughts are not only attracting bad events into your life, they are also causing you suffering on an emotional and mental level. In this regard it’s nice to shift your focus from a negative thinking pattern to a positive thinking pattern. But somehow this shift in focus does not really help to resolve recurring negative thoughts.

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How to Let go- The Only Technique You Will Ever Need

Letting go of any emotions, thoughts, past events, behaviors or even desires is a huge challenge for most people. While most of the advice out there on how to let go helps people to let go of the mental side of something, it’s not really helping them to let go something emotionally. That’s why people still struggle with things even after working on letting go.

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Overcome Addiction- Why it’s so Hard and How to Actually Do It

Having and living with an addiction is very common in our society. Literally, anyone on this planet has some sort of addiction, may it be an obvious addiction such as drugs, cigarets, alcohol or a more subtle one such as food, fame, cleaning.
What an addiction is, why it’s so hard to overcome addiction and how to actually do it, will be discussed in this article.

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Creative Energy- How to awaken your creativity

Creative Energy is life energy. Everything in this universe is a product of someone following their creative urge and then using their creative energy to make the vision they have, a reality.
What creative energy is, why it’s so important and how to awaken your creative energy to be more creative, will be discussed in this article.

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Body Image Issues- How to stop hating your body

picture: khiemmosehee (CC0 Public Domain) Nothing in this world can be nearly more harming than having body image issues and steaming from that the feeling of hate towards your body. Even though there is this giant scene of people promoting certain body types (the slim, the fit, the muscular, the tall,..) and the other scene fighting that…


Self-Love: Why your Self-Love practice isn’t working

Self-Love is discussed and practiced all over the world right now. People struggling with low self-esteem or low self-confidence tend to gravitate towards Self-Love practices that promise you to become more confident and loving fast by using positive affirmations or other techniques. While they are not harmful, they may not actually produce the fast and…


The importance of choosing your medium

365 Days of Awareness: Day 5 When you go out and act on your purpose, it is highly important that you find a medium you love. That you find that one thing, you love to express your purpose through. May it be painting, writing, singing, dancing, teaching, talking, whatever. And when you have that broad…


Choose people who support your change

When I started personal development I felt quite alone. There was no one I could talk to about the concepts I learned. The awareness I gained. The new way of life I found.  I often felt like a chameleon: At home, I was so focused on developing myself. On raising my awareness. And in crowds, I…


When your personal development skyrockets

When you do personal development, especially when you start it, there will be a long period of time where nothing happens. You won’t experience any big changes in your external world. You will have some shifts in your external world, but they will be small. This phase can be one to two years.


The point of life

The point of life is not and never was to simply do what is expected of you. The point of life is to flow. To go in the direction of what you truly want. To experience love and joy, passion, enthusiasm. To connect with people. To love life.


5 Reasons nobody talks to you (+solutions)

You talk to people but they do not really listen to you. It seems like they don’t really care about what you are saying. They just nod their head and then they go away. More though: you have trouble making new friends and connecting with people in general. Wanna know why? Here’s a list