Stay Calm In Difficult Situations

How to stay calm in difficult situations? Watch the video here.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before that you were in a situation where emotions were overflowing, you felt fearful, you felt hopeless, you felt sad, you felt extremely stressed, whatever it was for you, you were in a difficult situation and you had trouble staying mentally focused and clear.

Because you had trouble staying calm in difficult situations, you were making the wrong decisions. But this doesn’t need to be true. You can be in a difficult situation, find your mental clarity, find your center and make the right decisions, no matter the situation.

This article is going to teach you how to instantly stay calm in difficult situations.

1. Go out of the situation

The very first thing you can do when you’re in a difficult situation is you can take yourself out of the situation, find five minutes where you’re just going to sit and breathe and allow all the things to settle for a moment. If you’re in a tough situation, what tends to happen is that emotions, overflowed and information also overflows, it is so much chaos around you and in your mind that you need to have time to let everything settle.

2. Bring your focus inside

The second step is to bring your focus inside of yourself and notice the emotional turmoil that is going on. Notice the mental chaos that is happening, and all you want to do in these few minutes is to sit, allow the chaos, and observe.

Mindfully observe and don’t engage in it. Don’t try to judge. Don’t try to take sides, just sit and neutrally, observe, let things happen as they are. 

3. Watch yourself from the outside

When the first layer of chaos settled, bring your focus out of your body and watch yourself. Imagine you’re a little insect in the room that has the ability to look at you and at the situation, and just try to neutrally observe what exactly happened.

See the facts and see the situation for as it is. Do your best to analyze what caused the situation.

4. What do you want out of this situation?

Then the next step is when you analyze everything from this third point of view, think about what it is that you want.

What would you like to get out of the situation? What would be the best outcome in the end? And then.

5. Visualize a happy end

Close your eyes and visualize the end result. Imagine the best outcome of what it is that you want. Imagine it already happened, that you’re in this situation and it unfolded perfectly the chaos settled, everything worked out fine.

Fully feel your perfect end.

After visualizing, take new energy and that vision, go back to that situation, and act accordingly with that vision in your mind. Closely pay attention to your gut feeling and your inspiration, so that you act in alignment with that vision.

What if you don’t want to do anything

If you don’t feel like taking action or you don’t know what to do, then just continue to stay away from that situation and wait for inspiration to come.

These steps ensure that you are acting in alignment with your highest vision and with the ultimate thing that you want from your life and out of the situation.

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