the illusion of time

Explaining the illusion of time and understanding time is a challenging task as there are many fixed concepts and ideas about time. This article aims to explain the illusion of time and gives insights into how this concept can be used to bypass time and speed up manifestation, access higher states of consciousness as well as letting go of any limitations that are created by time.

Time Is A Belief

Fundamentally time is a belief because the idea of the past and future is created in the mind.

To understand this we can look at what the past and the future are. At the core, everything that happened in the past is a memory and everything that is predicted or imagined to happen in the future is an idea that didn’t come into existence yet

When you think of a memory, you don’t have any proof that what is in your mind really happened in the past and that you don’t have any proof for when it exactly happened. You may argue now that you have physical proofs such as a scar from an accident or a physical object. And while this proof exists the exact event is still a memory in the mind which is based on the concept of time

The Mind Distorts Memories

When you experienced an event that you label as the past, you were experiencing it through your perception. That means that you were in a situation with certain biases and you were looking through your own lens and on top of that you were interpreting the event. 

With the biases and perception that goes into the experience, over time you forget parts of the memory or the mind distorts the memory. There is this so-called Mandela Effect, which ” is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people remembers something differently than how it occurred. Conspiracy theorists believe this is proof of an alternate universe, while many doctors use it as an illustration of how imperfect memory can be sometimes.” So distoring memory can not only happen for you but for a whole group of people.

To prove this for yourself you can ask a few people about a memory you have together and see how much the memory matches each other. You may experience that one of you forgot a certain part of the memory or you re-remember or that you even have totally different memories.

You Are Rarely Really Experiencing The Present Moment

As said previously, you experience events through your perception and with certain biases. With every event there comes an interpretation from thoughts. Looking at this you can quickly see that you are never really experiencing the present moment as it is because you always have assumptions about the people, objects, places, and events happening at the moment. All these assumptions are based on the learnings you had in the past.

Your parents and teachers told you what the name of certain objects are and this label alone makes it so that you are not seeing the object as it is but you are rather seeing the label.

The Present Moment Is Neutral

The present moment, which later turns into a memory, is neutral. If you remove all labels, emotions, and assumptions from the objects making the moment, you will be left with simple existence which just is. Because only your labels and perception make the present moment not neutral.

The likelihood of you experiencing a moment neutrally is very low and that is why memories are always illusions that are curated in the mind. 

Summing up, you can see that even if you remember “the past” correctly, you still experienced the event with your perception which always makes it biased. But the past is an idea of time that is based on the idea of time. 

So how can you use this concept to your advantage?

Speed Up Manifestation

Since the year, the month, the day, and the time are concepts created by the mind, any idea of when a manifestation happens or even the idea of a manifestation happening in the future is created by the mind. So if you think that it takes time to get a certain thing, you are operating in the illusion of time.

The best way to overcome this is by asking yourself the following questions whenever you encounter a limitation that is based on time:

Am I facing this limitation because I believe in the belief/concept of time?

If time was an illusion and everything could be here right now, how would I feel?

Furthermore, remind yourself when you are manifesting, that time only exists in your mind and you can either use this as a limitation or as an opportunity. Remember, that you are the master of this universe and the only limits are the ones of your own mind.

Access Higher States Of Consciousness

The concepts and limitations in your mind and the main block to reaching higher states of consciousness. Basically, any concept you put on top of reality is a distraction from reality. Every thought, idea, and assumption you have about the present moment is blocking you from experiencing the present moment. To solve this, you need to question your memories to ultimately question time.

Questioning Memories

To question memories I would like to use a process inspired by Byron Katie’s “The work”. To start to make a table with 5 columns. On the very left you write down significant experiences and memories of your past and then go through the other columns answering the following questions:

  1. Is it true that this event happened in the past as I imagine it?
  2. Can I be 100% sure that it happened like this?
  3. How do I feel when I believe that this event happened?
  4. Who would I be without this memory?
Event Is it true that this event happened in the past as I imagine it?

Can I be 100% sure that it happened like this?

How do I feel when I believe that this event happened?

Who would I be without this event?

I got bullied in school Yes Not 100% I feel like a victim. Sad. I would be empowered because I let go of the story.
Someone passed away Yes Not 100%. Because I don’t remember all the details. Sad I would feel at peace.


This process is a radical process that can be used to let go of certain memories but should not be abused. Understanding the illusion of time merely functions as a way to open your mind to a new perspective that what you always thought happened in the past is just an illusion. And the suffering from that is based on the illusion too. 


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