365 Days of Awareness: Day 5

When you go out and act on your purpose, it is highly important that you find a medium you love.
That you find that one thing, you love to express your purpose through. May it be painting, writing, singing, dancing, teaching, talking, whatever.
And when you have that broad category, go into detail:

Do you love writing on a computer or on paper? If on paper, what kind of pen resonates with you? How does the paper look like? Is it a book or just post-its?

Or for talking: Do you like to just talk? Or do you like to interview someone or would you like to be interviewed? Are you more a person who wants to prepare for a talk and then give it or do you rather want to just channel words and act spontaneously?

Remember that any answer is completely valid and is to be accepted. It is especially important not to look at other people and what medium they use and what medium brings them success.
You have to create your voice with your purpose using your unique medium.

So what is your medium?

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