why negative things keep happening in your life

Why negative things keep happening in your life.
Maybe you are just unlucky. Maybe all the negative things that are happening in your life over and over again are just coincidences and you are just the unlucky chosen one.
But what if not? What if there is a reason why negative things keep happening in your life and you are not a lucky person? Watch the video below or continue reading.

Imagine you are a lucky person

Imagine you can be a lucky person and things are always working out as you want. That would be amazing.
In this article, you will learn why negative things keep happening in your life and what to do about it.
Before we do this we need to define what a negative experience is. Because maybe you are not experiencing negative life events and you are just misinterpreting them.

What are negative experiences?

A negative experience or thing is an event that triggers unpleasant emotion instead of a positive one. The experience lacks enthusiasm, interest, and/or optimism. Taking this definition, you can quickly see that this is subjective. What may be a negative experience for one person may be a positive one for another.
For example, losing your job might be a negative experience for you but for another person who always wanted to start their own business and was afraid to do so, losing their job is the sign that they were missing.
So clearly when we investigate why negative things keep happening in your life we have to first look at the obvious reason:

1. A Wrong Perspective

Negative things can keep happening in your life because you have a false perspective on the things that are happening.
To understand this better, imagine that you came to this earth to become an artist. Now you run from office job to office job because you cannot keep the one you have. Always wondering why this keeps happening to you, you continue to change nothing about your life and you just go back to the same rate cage.
Now losing your job and having this happen to you over and over again might be a sign for you to finally quit your job and pursue your passion as an artist.
Then, it’s not that negative things are happening to you because they are actually good for you. It is that you need to change your perspective to see it as a sign and as something of benefit to you.

How To Change Your Perspective

To see if that applies to you,

  1. Make a list of all the negative things that keep happening to you.
  2. Look at each item on the list and ask yourself what is the positive side of this experience? What can this be a sign for? What can this teach me?

If you think hard enough, there will always be a positive side to things and you always have the chance to change your perspective.

2. Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can be the reason why negative things keep happening in your life.
Imagine that thoughts are energy and they put out a frequency that attracts what you think about. If you constantly think negatively of yourself, other people, and life in general, with this law, you will attract the same things you put out.
There are multiple theories on thoughts creating reality and I am myself a strong believer of this.
You can easily see that thoughts have certain energy by thinking of something negative. Try to think about something that you hate and notice how you feel.
Notice that just by thinking about something you hate your emotional state changes immedatly and if someone looked form the outside they would see that your facial expressions and your posture changed as well, maybe just noticiable by an expert on a mikro level.

Now other people can subconsciously read this micro experessions and body posture which then makes them react differently to you.

How to change your thinking
  1. Pay attention to your thinking. Notice how you are thinking and what are you thinking about on a daily basis.
  2. Find the areas of your life you are mostly thinking negative about and write them down.
  3. Now look at these areas and think about what you would like to achieve in these areas (expl.: I want to earn more money)
  4. Write them down as as goals. (for example: I will earn 5.000$ per month by July)
  5. Turn your goal into an affirmation (expl. I am abundant. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I earn 5.000$ per month)
  6. Now any time you notice negative thought dominating your mind, say your affirmations as long as you feel better
3. Negative Programming

If you consistently experience negative things and they also appear to all be similar to each other, such as a cheating partner, lack of money or betraying friends, you need to work on your subconscious programming.

Your mind is not just what you consciously think. Only 2-5% of your mind are your conscious thoughts and emotions. The other, 95-98% of your mind are your subconscious beliefs, traumas and habits. Now if you look at your life you can see that everything you do, think and feel that is on autopilot is coming from your subconscious mind. And that is everything from brushing your teeth to having a depressive phase.
Seeing that your subconscious mind is basically ruling your life, makes it easy to detect where the negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings that lead to negative actions that lead to negative life experiences come from: a negative belief, a trauma or a habit.

How to change your subconscious programming

To do this I advise you to book a free 30-minute coaching call with me to take the first step to resolving these negative programs and follow the steps now to prepare for the call:

  1. Write down the recent negative experiences
  2. Write down next to each experience how it made you feel. Powerless? Sad? Lonely?
  3. Ask yourself whether you felt this way before in your life and especially as a child. Did you often feel powefuless, sad or lonely? If so, why? What made you feel this way?
  4. When you are done with this, book the free 30 minute coaching call to learn how to resolve this.

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