Creative Energy- How to awaken your creativity

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Creative Energy is life energy. Everything in this universe is a product of someone following their creative urge and then using their creative energy to make the vision they have, a reality.
What creative energy is, why it’s so important and how to awaken your creative energy to be more creative, will be discussed in this article.

Creative energy- What it is

Creative Energy is the driving factor of human evolution and consciousness evolving. It’s that energy that comes up with ideas, a solution for a problem or even desires to do something. Basically, everything you perceive in your life is a product of creativity

  • a chair in its basic form a has once been an idea, now the design of the chair is a product of creativity
  • babies are a product of creative energy: as a couple, you may have the urge to expand your family so you start having sex in order to get a baby- that’s creation
  • an idea
  • a solution to a problem
  • a lighter
  • a poem

With all these inventions and ideas, there has always been an internal urge for expansion in the people that created that thing. This expresses itself in the form of the urge to move forward and use the physical body to create something out of nothingness.
What is interesting is that there is an evolution in creative energy. There are certain things which are created out of the blue, wherein the beginning was nothing (like every art piece) and certain things that were once created out of the blue and are now being recreated and evolved (a lighter, for example, was once just two stones trying to light a fire).
What is important to understand is that this process will never end. People will constantly create new things out of the blue or evolve creations.
But here’s the catch:
This text, for example, may be considered a primary creation (created out of nothingness) but in fact, this text is an evolution of other creations such as the laptop- keyboard- words- letters. The way you know if something is a primary creation is when you can look at the creation and eliminate all tools that made this creation happen and ask yourself: Would this creation still be possible?
Chances are that you come up with the answer “no”. And that is for mainly every piece of creation.
So in truth, there are only creations building on each other. That’s why the word “expansion” is a better word.

The point I am trying to make here is this:

You can never escape creation. You can never stop creating. Because you, at the core, are a creation (your father and mother created you).
Even if you try not to create in your life, you will do it. All the time, constantly. Just by interaction with other creations (such as physical items) you are already evolving that creation because you are using an item in a way nobody used it before because you are the unique creation interacting with another unique creation.

Why it’s important

As said before, everything is creative energy. And you are using it if you want it or not. But understanding, seeing and consciously practicing the use of creative energy, directing it in all the ways you desire it to go, means the difference between living a painful, restricted life or a joyful, expansive and happy life.
And isn’t it actually amazing that you are already using your creative energy all the time and you just have to become more aware of it? Even just the slightest increase in your awareness for the creative energy, even you already reading this article, will make a huge difference in the way you live your life and thus the outcomes you produce.

Surrender to your expansive nature

In order to become more in touch with your creative energy, it’s important to first become aware of the creative urges you have inside of you and even before that, become aware of your always expanding nature.
If you look at your life, everything you ever did and everything you will ever do is for the sake of expansion. And the driving motor for expansion is happiness. So every action you take, at the core, stems from a desire to feel better. Even the “bad” actions or behaviors. And because there is an infinite way up to happiness, there are infinite steps you can take. So you already have this desire to expand inside of you because you simply want to be happy. And this pushes you forward into unknown territory and that causes expansion. A person who is completely stuck in a routine and is never getting outside of the comfort zone is still expanding. Because every second a tiny aspect of this person (aging for example) or of their environment is different and then the simple interaction causes expansion.

In order to utilize your creative energy more, I invite you to become more aware of the creative urges you have during the day. The urges that are outside of your routine and your comfort. First just become aware of them and acknowledge them as creative energy entering your vehicle to push you forward for expansion. And when you are ready, start acting on those urges. To motivate you to do that, here’s a sentence I got from someone (but I forgot who it was) and it is pretty amazing: “Creation has no favorites. If it wants a creation to exist, it starts by choosing one person and if they don’t act on it, creation goes to the next person and to the next and to the next”. This means that creation wants something to exist. And whenever you have an urge to create, creation kind of chooses you to create that. And if you don’t act on it, it simply goes to the next person.
That’s how people sometimes say that they had an idea, waited and a month later they saw someone else acting that idea out (and eventually succeeding with it). So may that better be you.


A crucial aspect of awakening your creative energy to become more creative is to start a meditation practice. Meditation basically, puts you back to observing yourself and becoming aware of everything that is happening on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level. For creative energy all of these areas are important, so any meditation practice you choose will work. Just stay very simple and practice every day for at least 10 minutes.
The awareness you gain in meditation is crucial to even be able to observe creative energy in your being and to then act on it to the best of your abilities.

Act, act, act, and act

I could give you fancy spiritual practices right now that are fun and nice to do but honestly, creation is about creating in the physical world. So the only thing you have to practice besides meditation is creating.
That means act fast on every creative impulse, either small or big and do it all the way. Fast means: you have seconds to act out a creative impulse. And the faster you act, the more energy you have for the creative process. If you wait too long and think too much about it, you will lose the initial pushing forward energy that lasts very long and you have to replace that energy with will-power (and we all know how this usually ends). And by all the way I mean: don’t just take the first step when you have a creative inspiration, bring the creation all the way to the end.

That is basically all you have to practice and all you have to know when it comes to activating your creative energy. But I want to end this article with an inspirational message:

The more you act on the small creative impulses with small outcomes, the more of these small impulses you will get. Acting on those small impulses will accumulate a huge courage and trust over the time that then enables you to act on the big creative impulses with big outcomes. But you only get the big creative impulses, when you are willing to act on the small ones. So don’t wait and chase the big things. Start small.
There is a reason why so many people have no purpose in life. And the reason is that they never trained themselves to act on small creative impulses. So how the hell would these people be able to act on a big, lifelong creative impulse (that’s all a purpose is) that takes decades to work on? If I would go to all of these people and tell them what their purpose is and how it looks like to act on it, they would be scared to death and would run away to their little nest with their routine. That’s why it is important to train yourself now to get your big life mission.

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