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about Lorelle Dehnhard

Lorelle Dehnhard

From an early age, I've harbored a burning desire to achieve something significant in my life. This compulsion set me on a relentless quest to delve into the realms of personal development and psychology. Even with limited finances from my part-time jobs, I voraciously acquired books and courses to expand my knowledge.

During this journey, I realized that I couldn't be content with the conventional career path. Instead, I knew I had to forge my own professional destiny. Hence, while still in university, I embarked on establishing my coaching business. I kick-started this venture by creating my own website and social media profiles, and surprisingly, I received positive feedback and successfully coached my first clients, despite lacking official coaching training.

This path continued for several months until I ventured to Mexico upon completing my studies. It was in the vibrant town of Tulum where I encountered a supportive community that opened doors to new opportunities. Faced with a pivotal decision, I had to choose between following my heart and staying in Mexico, relinquishing the familiarity of my home country with no financial security, job, or place to live. I opted for the courageous path and decided to remain in Mexico, foregoing my return flight home, ultimately residing there for a year. This period served as a catalyst for my professional journey.

Throughout my time in Mexico, I conducted weekly workshops on meditation, self-love, and manifestation for tourists, primarily hailing from the United States. I successfully converted workshop attendees into clients, enabling me to sustain myself.

After several months, I briefly returned to Europe to address outstanding commitments and work-related tasks. When I subsequently returned to Mexico with the intention of settling there permanently, I was surprised to find that my desires had shifted. I now yearned for something I had been missing: stability.

This realization prompted my return to Germany, where I focused on building a stable life, all the while nurturing my adventurous spirit with periodic trips and extended vacations.

Back in Germany, I diligently invested in my professional growth by enrolling in various coaching-related training programs, a journey that continues to this day.

My professional career in a nutshell

2023 Approved Coach Training Program by ICF, DBVC and IOBC
2023 Training on The Work by Byron Katie
2022 Training on Non Violent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg 
2020 working as a Product Marketing Manager for Mindvalley besides my Coaching work
2018-2019 Guiding Workshops on Meditation, Self-Love and Manifestation in Tulum, Mexico
2018 Bachelor of Arts in Media Management, Specification: Digital Media
2017 starting to work as a Coach besides my university studies

How I coach

Coaching is a nuanced art, extending far beyond mere conversations within a one-hour session. It's a skill that requires careful cultivation and development over time. In my coaching practice, I adhere to the ethical and coaching standards set forth by respected organizations such as the ICF, DBVC, and IOBC.

about lorelle dehnhard

Coaching is a nuanced art, extending far beyond mere conversations within a one-hour session. It's a skill that requires careful cultivation and development over time. In my coaching practice, I adhere to the ethical and coaching standards set forth by respected organizations such as the ICF, DBVC, and IOBC.

To provide a clearer understanding of coaching, I often illustrate it as a partnership where the client is the primary navigator on their life journey, while I, as the coach, stand as a steadfast support just behind them. In this dynamic, the client determines the direction they wish to take, and my role as a coach involves several key aspects:

Motivation Insight: I assist clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their motivations, which in turn can guide their decisions and actions.

Alignment with Values: Together, we explore whether the chosen path aligns with their core values, ensuring that their actions resonate with their true selves. 

Highlighting Common Pitfalls: I help the client identify and avoid common obstacles or pitfalls that might hinder their progress.

Overcoming Obstacles: When challenges arise, I provide guidance and strategies to help them overcome these hurdles.

It's important to note that my role as a coach is not to dictate what actions to take. Rather, I empower clients to find their own way forward. By doing so, clients are equipped with the confidence and capability to tread their unique path and make decisions that align with their authentic selves.

What I am passionate about


I have a deep passion for sports. For more than a decade, weightlifting at the gym has been a constant in my life. The instant I step into that gym, it's as if I transport myself to a unique mental zone. There, I must maintain unwavering focus and continuously push my limits.

Beyond weightlifting, I harbor an immense love for activities associated with water. Scuba diving, wakeboarding, and all aquatic pursuits captivate me, offering a thrilling and refreshing way to stay active and connected with the element of water.


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Traveling is my ultimate passion; I wholeheartedly cherish embarking on adventures in foreign lands. Prior to establishing roots in Berlin, I embraced a nomadic lifestyle, letting my heart guide me to new horizons. During this journey, I found myself residing in Mexico for an entire year.

My wanderlust has led me to explore various corners of the world. In Africa, I've traversed the enchanting landscapes of Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. My adventures have also taken me to the lush jungles of Central America, where I explored Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Beyond that, I've ventured into Southeast Asia, immersing myself in the cultures of Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. In Europe, I've uncovered the rich history and beauty of countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, and many more. Each new destination has enriched my understanding of the world and its diverse cultures.


Reading and continuous learning have played pivotal roles in shaping both my personal and professional development. Delving into the pages of books allows me to access the profound wisdom of individuals I might never have had the chance to meet in person.

In addition to my passion for reading books on personal development and psychology, I am an ardent follower of podcasts and specific educators who provide valuable insights and knowledge in these domains.

I consider ongoing education and training, particularly through seminars and workshops, as essential cornerstones in my journey toward professional advancement. This commitment to perpetual learning has significantly contributed to my career growth.

Values that I live by


Following my Heart





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