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Self-Sabotage Behavior: How to Overcome the Hidden Subconscious Barriers

Have you ever found yourself making progress towards a goal, only to suddenly veer off course, sabotaging your efforts? Self-sabotage behavior can be a perplexing and frustrating experience, leaving us puzzled and questioning why we hinder our progress and success. It seems as though an invisible force within us is working against our best intentions,…


Letting Go Of The Past: Daring A New Beginning

Letting go of the past. Like a backpack weighed down by heavy stones, many people find themselves burdened by the weight of their past, unaware of its pervasive influence on their daily lives. From shaping their choices to dictating their actions, the ghosts of past experiences can hinder personal growth and progress. Whether it’s the…


Choose people who support your change

When I started personal development I felt quite alone. There was no one I could talk to about the concepts I learned. The awareness I gained. The new way of life I found.  I often felt like a chameleon: At home, I was so focused on developing myself. On raising my awareness. And in crowds, I…


5 Reasons nobody talks to you (+solutions)

You talk to people but they do not really listen to you. It seems like they don’t really care about what you are saying. They just nod their head and then they go away. More though: you have trouble making new friends and connecting with people in general. Wanna know why? Here’s a list