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I really want to thank Ms. Dehnhard for her work with me. We spent about four months together. It was a long way, but that's how long it took for my psyche to rebuild itself to reach the goal I was aiming for. There was laughter and crying at our meetings, but the most important thing was the openness that existed between us. She supports you in your initiative, completely immerses herself in your situation and, talking to you, gently and delicately uncovers aspects of your problem that you did not know before. As a result of this conversations, you will find the missing puzzle and the picture of your world will come together in a harmonious picture where everything has its place. 

The coaching has brought me more than I expected. I wanted to take an intermediate step toward my dream, and I came to the realization of the dream itself. At some point, after I had completed one of the practical tasks, I realized that the "intermediate step" didn't excite me at all, took up too much of my vital energy, and therefore I wasn't making any progress. This made me realize that you can move directly towards your dreams and that everything is possible here and now if you feel ready to start a new life. 

I have now reached a new stage in my life and I am very happy! I recommend this highly qualified professional and just a very good, soulful person to everyone. Ms. Dehnhard has both core and gentleness, a common sense approach and a high level of empathy. You don't want to say goodbye to her even when you have achieved your goal.


Tetyana Morokhovska

Lorelle’s manifestation tool has simply changed my life! It has reminded me of my ability to create my reality, and the magic stream of life that can unfold when you take the time to just consciously pause and go through the 4 steps! Every facet of my life has changed. Truly.

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Cassedy O'Neill

Before I started the coaching I felt very restless. I felt the urge to be constantly on the move. When I started with the course I learned that it’s important to press the pause button and to take more care of myself.
I feel more peaceful and relaxed right now in daily life.

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Kimberley van Raak

Dental Assistant

Before our session, I felt stuck. Quite literally, no movement of energy around the subject of money. Since our (fun!) session I noticed I’m more lighthearted and playful with the subject, and more trusting overall. Not resisting anything, but playing with whatever comes along, like my mind wanting to plan stuff or turning worry into imagining endless possibilities. Thank you Lorelle!

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Anne Bindels

Since I was a teenager I’ve been struggling with emotional blocks and lack of self-knowledge, I was jumping from a professional career to another, from a relationship to another, without really knowing what I was doing, always lost. Years and years of therapy helped me a lot but even though I wasn’t feeling positive and complete.

After living in Portugal and France, I came to Mexico to start over again and Lorelle just appeared on my Instagram. So I thought, “let’s give it a shot”. I’ve read about Manifestation – most of the time with a suspicious look I confess – and already had some meditation practice, but I was totally wrong and Lorelle took it to another level. We spent 7 days together in a program that included: 1 hour of meditation/day, 1-hour manifestation session/day plus “concierge” guide of Tulum. The weekly summary is: manifestation is not just about thinking positive, and meditation is not just to unwind and relax. There is a lot behind both and these seven days were a deep and amazing starting to a new life.

Besides all of that she has to share and teach, she is an amazing person to talk, to laugh and to take forever.

Thank you for all the wonderful places you showed me, and for the ones, we discovered together. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Thank you for sharing a week of your life with me. Thank you for introducing me to amazing people. Thank you for helping me feel my emotions. And most important, thank you universe, for leading me to her and Tulum.

So, if you have the chance, don’t overthink, just go and do it.


Natália Contatto

Before the course i was often anxious and had difficulties finding rest. i felt rushed and uneasy by the pace of everyday life and suffered from insomnia. after doing the course regularly i felt more and more relaxed and my anxiety attacks became controllable. the course helps me to cope with stress, take my mind off things and care for my mental health. Lorelle’s soothing and calming voice is a great help, as well as her gentle instructions. The course is perfect self- care and transfers me in a more relaxed state of mind.

Nora Bergmann 

Lorelle is the very best! I have worked with other coaches and therapist’s, she has helped me more in the last couple months then the rest combined. I was overwhelmed and in my head about my weight and trying to be perfect. She has helped me let go of past habits that were not serving me. My attitude has changed and I have more energy and happiness. I’m free of all the negative thoughts I was thinking. I can’t thank her enough.


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The self love workshop with Lorelle really was a starting journey to me in learning how to establish loving and caring thoughts and affirmations to my own Self, and as a result, the ability to spread that love to others around me in the everyday life. We all have the gift of Love within us and this wonderful spiritual teacher will help you to experience this through a range of exciting tasks and exercises.

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Helene Oskarsen

My class with Lorelle was really wonderful. I was feeling very stressed and all over the place due to some personal news. During the meditation I calmed down a lot and her guidance helped me stay in the meditation without too much effort. I definitely felt calmer after, and felt much more able to make some big decisions I had to make that day! Lorelle is really a great teacher and you can see that she is hugely passionate about sharing this process and practice.

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Abi Ponce Hardy

Yoga teacher and Photographer

I was very frustrated about my situation before the session, when I talked to Lorelle she gave me guidance about how I should think and manifest. After the session I started to work alot with manifestation and things I wanted to happen actually did happen! The session opened my mind for new possiblities, and Lorelle was very supportive and Kind.

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Alice Etheridge

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what people say
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The Self-Love Workshop is a MUST EXPERIENCE class for anyone seeking to connect with themselves on a deeper level. I literally practice some of the techniques Lorelle taught during the class everyday day now. Who would have thought that there are self love practices that are so simple yet very effective. I felt inspired and empowered after leaving with some tools to practice self love! So grateful to have wakes into this class with a teacher that is truly nurturing and has a true passion for teaching such a delicate subject.

Setareh Khatibi


What can I say about Lorelle's Self Love Workshop? She's the real deal; a true trail blazer. I've been a healer in the spiritual global community for over 10 years and I know true wisdom when I see it. I love that Lorelle is living her teachings, showing us how to listen to our heart & be true to ourselves by living an authentic, fearless life. Her practical exercises are transformative and inspiring. I highly recommend her!

Rena Yassiri

Before attending lorelle’s class I felt good but not particularly inspired or connected to myself. After the class I noticed more tranquility and space within me. We had also worked through some chakras and I particularly experienced my hart chakra in the meditation and I left with a very loving and abundant outlook that stayed with me and even grew all day.  her voice is clear and the pace of her guidance was very natural for me.

Todd Johnson

Yoga Teacher and Coffee Roaster

Working with Lorelle has improved my ability to focus in meditation and in life. She has helped me to understand the true motivation behind my reason for meditating and inspired me to start a daily practice. The breathing and movement exercises at the beginning of class really helped prepare my mind for meditation. The class is extremely effective and motivating. She makes meditation something to look forward to.

Mila Petkovic

Yoga Teacher and Musician

Sometimes you walk through life without expectation, simply letting things come and thanking everything that you receive, and this is how I met Lorelle and still today I am grateful for the teaching received from her. In her workshops, she passionately shares fundamental knowledge and obvious points of view that we have forgotten in our daily routines. Sharing with her space for self-reflection towards issues that really matter in our lives is something that I personally recommend a lot and today I still thank life for having put her in my way.

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nava

I tried Lorelle’s Meditation class at Harmony Tulum, and I had a very positive experience. Lorelle’s gentle yet strong voice guides you into meditation through visual metaphors, and she provided a new technique from which to develop my practice. I had the chance to speak with Lorelle personally and I can see that she is a passionate and dedicated teacher, committed to the improvement of her students as well as her own personal growth.

Nadia Petkovic

 Architect and Visual Artist

"You gave me the practical tools to deal with my negative thoughts and embrace them as my own children. It felt right to do this exercise, and very moving."


I took Lorelles self love workshop and loved every second of it. I am very happy she tought us tools we can use in our daily life to enhance our self love practices and have started implementing them already.

Lorelle is a very positiv and bright person that has the ability to make you release fear and helps you realize how wonderful you are. The class gave me a lot of energy and self confidence. I can highly recommend Lorelle to anyone who wants to deepen their self consciousness.

Vanessa Fischer


Before coaching I was stuck in a constant battle of trying to fight with my negative emotions/ negative internal dialogue. But with Lorelle’s guidance alongside the manifest academy, I’ve learnt techniques that have helped me release this resistance and feel free in my own being! I would recommend Lorelle to anyone who is looking to transform their life.

Georgie Lauren

Before the Meditation Class, I felt stressed and anxious. I felt guilt from a weekend of drinking. I was questioning my sense of self and purpose as well as not feeling very grounded.

After the class, I felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I felt like I had transcended my body and realized the power of my being. I found incredible freedom in just being still. Clarity came back over me and I realized what I needed to do for the week.

Lorelle is an incredible teacher and guide. She has such a sense of self and an innate way of seeing what is going on with you. She is one of the most intelligent people I know and that comes across in how she delivers her class. She blends knowledge of science and spirituality into a truly unique experience. She isn’t like many other mediation or yoga teachers, she has a style and grace that is elegant and sophisticated in its delivery and feel purposeful to every day life.

Samuel Turrell

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I scheduled a coaching call with Lorelle after being inspired of the "letting go" technique while reading the book Letting Go by David Hawkins. After researching for several on how to go about this technique as it was a bit vague in the book, I came across Lorelle's article on the topic and I was shocked at how simplistic she made it while also resonating strongest with the ideology mentioned in the book. To inquire more, I scheduled a call for a bit more of a breakdown and she was able to answer all my questions making what seemed to be a technique to complicated to understand into a technique to simplified to ignore. I highly recommend talking to Lorelle if you are also confused on this topic because she will simplify it more than most!


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In this free consultation, I will help you with your specific issue or question and offer you a unique coaching plan to create a life and/or work of happiness and fulfillment . This consultation is 100% free and happens via phone call. Click book now to see available days and times.

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