letting go quick meditation

Often we face situations in our life that trigger us emotionally. Then we need a letting go quick meditation.
When we experience devastating sadness from a heartbreak, stress from the workplace, or small things such as frustration when things are not working out as we want, we need to do a letting go quick meditation.

What happens if you ignore your negative emotions?

When we ignore small or big negative emotions such as sadness, stress, or frustration, and don’t practice letting go, they tend to accumulate and come out in other ways. One day we may experience a big emotional meltdown, depression, or anxiety because of these accumulated emotions that we didn’t let go of.

When on the other hand, we manage to practice the letting go quick meditation, we are able to instantly resolve negative emotions as they arise. This will make us feel less drained by life experiences and more in power and full of energy.

What does it mean to let go?

Letting go means being willing to allow life to carry one. Not holding on to any negative emotions or resentments. Often what happens when we are holding on to something, we are trying to push life into what we want it to be.
This can happen on a conscious or subconscious level. For example, you may be consciously deciding to let go but you haven’t really worked on actually letting go with for example a letting to quick meditation. Then, the conscious intention to let go maybe there but subconsciously you are still holding on to the negative experience.
That is why it is crucial to practice this letting go quick meditation.

Letting Go Quick Meditation

To do the letting go quick meditation, take -10 minutes of time where you are undisturbed. Turn off your notifications.
If you are in the middle of a situation, that is bringing up these negative emotions, try to get out of the situation for a few minutes. Either leave the room or go for a walk. This letting go quick meditation can be done while walking if you focus well.

Start the video at 3:33 minutes to start the meditation.  

Watch the full video here.

Letting Go Quick Meditation- Strong Emotions and Past Trauma

If you notice that strong emotions were arising during the meditation, I invite you to continue practicing this letting go quick meditation.

In general, if it was a very traumatic experience that you have trouble letting go of, you cannot expect to immediately let it go. You need to give yourself some time to process that experience. So continue working on letting go.

The gift of negative emotions

What you may have noticed in this meditation is that I asked you to look for the positive side of things. And even what the specific experience may teach you or may grow you into.

Often certain things happen to us for a greater good or for at least a big lesson.
If you look at very successful people, their biggest success often came from their biggest pain.
Life is not just nice and rosy all day. We are here to grow and learn.

That is why I advise you to embrace negative experiences and negative emotions as much as you can. With that, you will be way more at peace with yourself and with life. Because you are no longer resisting, instead you are surrendering. And that is the ultimate state.

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