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Letting go of everything- that’s a choice you may have to make one day. Because, maybe at one point in your life, you have to choose. Choose between having a life, a mundane life, where you feed your ego and existence is nice.
Or you choose the path of truth.

The path of truth requires that you let go of everything. That you let go of all your attachments, pains and especially dreams.

Letting go of attachments

At this point in your life, you have to let go of all your attachments to certain relationships, for example. Because most often what’s holding us back are certain relationship dynamics. You may be a completely different person when you are around a certain group of people.

So maybe it’s time to for you to let go of needing these people in your life. This does not mean that you cannot spend time with them anymore. It just means that you are not attached to your connection to them. So you enjoy their company but you don’t need their company.

Letting go of pains

Actually, this is not something you just have to do when you come to this turning point in your life. This is something you have to do all your life long.

Constantly letting go of old pains is very important on your journey. You grew up and a lot of stuff happened to you and still happens to you. It’s now your job to go back to different scenarios in your life and feel into them again and surrender everything that comes up for you. As you go along your day you may get little hints when you get so called “triggered”. That’s when it’s time for you to feel into yourself and asked yourself what is causing the way you feel.

Letting go of Dreams

You have to surrender and let go of all the dreams you have for yourself and for your future. This is why it can be such a huge turning point in your life. You are now tested if you are really willing to keep going. You are tested if you are willing to let go of all your dreams, goals and desires.
Why letting go of all this? To experience the dreamless state. The state where there is no ego. Where you, your mind and your body, are just the vehicle, for love, consciousness itself to serve. To then serve until you’ve served enough.
You can only serve from love and higher consciousness, if you let go of everything that keeps you in this physical, drama world, to then become the vehicle of love.
And this is not an easy decision to make. Actually, it’s one of the toughest decisions to make in your lifetime. Because there is no way back.

Actually, already, there is no way back. If you came to this point right here, there’s no way back.

Let’s look at the options you have:

– Go back to your normal life

Trying to forget about everything you know (which is not possible btw) and trying to pursue a mundane existence. How will it work out? Miserable. Because of your level of consciousness, your awareness is wasted in a normal life. This is not your purpose. From the beginning of your life consciousness has this purpose for you. That’s why not acting on that purpose means resisting it.
Theirs is nothing in between. Either all in or all out. So here’s the other option:

– Go in

Release the resistance you have towards yourself and towards this journey and just flow. Let go of all attachments. Actually, make a list of all the stuff that is keeping you in the lower stages and let them go. This is a huge step out of your comfort zone. Actually, the biggest step out of your comfort zone you will ever take. How will it work out? I don’t know. I really don’t know. That’s really different from soul to soul, person to person. And I actually made the decision myself just recently, that’s why I have no idea where this will be heading except higher stages and truth. And truth and higher stages mean ultimate freedom. Ultimate bliss. The magic pill.

I really can’t tell why this is happening and if it’s you that has to decide that. But chances are big that if you are reading this you will sooner or later have to make this decision because an aspect of you is aware enough to read it and was attracted to this in the first place.

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  1. Thank you for this. I came across this when I needed to. It is another stepping stone in my journey and I appreciate your help along the path. This journey is scary sometimes but I’m trying to maintain faith. Sending blessings love and light.

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