Your Internal Guidance- The Fastest Way to Make Your Dreams Come True

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Tuning in and listening to your internal guidance should be your No.1 focus and practice when going through life. Your internal guidance is like a compass, guiding you and telling you exactly which way to go to fulfill your dreams.
What your internal guidance is and how to tune in to it will be discussed in this article.

Your Internal Guidance

We are all born with an internal guidance that functions like a compass. This compass shows us where to go and what to do in our lives. The way it communicates with us is through our emotions. Any time we feel a positive emotion like excitement, love or joy, it’s a sign that we are in alignment with our desires and that we are going where the compass is directing us to. Anytime we feel a negative emotion, like frustration, tension, sadness or this feeling of “this is not right”, it’s our compass showing us that we are acting or thinking out of alignment with our highest desires.

The problem is that at a young age, our confidence to listen to our internal guidance weakens. Because any time our compass tells us that we have to go a certain way (which is shown to us in the form of emotions like joy, excitement, and love), but everyone else tells us to go another way based on their experience, we often take the path of the more seemingly knowledgeable people in our lives. This causes us to then question our own internal guidance. This is the case because we are so dependent on our caregivers and we look up to them so much, that we believe that they know better. While they do know better sometimes from a rational point of view, emotionally they often don’t.
Adults these days have a huge suppressed internal guidance. Finding an adult who is completely in touch with their internal guidance and is willing to act accordingly is rare. These adults then raise children. While they are doing a good job of providing the basic needs, they are often doing a bad job honoring and supporting the children’s internal guidance. Because they are projecting their fears, experience and knowledge onto the children which then redistricts the child in their own exploration of their internal guidance. And that is why so many people are lost these days.

Why so many people are lost

So many people are lost and lack a purpose in life because they never really listen to their internal guidance. They even got trained to not listen to it at all. Especially in a society where success and being a mental person is highly valued, it’s even hard to develop these capacities and to use them in your day to day life. But the thing is that this causes a lot of problems because you still have desires and dreams you want to fulfill.
Imagine yourself wanting to drive to New York, you now type it into your navigation system and while driving, you do not listen to the navigation system at all. In fact, you even ignore it and simply drive around wildly without having a clue whether the street you are one is going to New York or not.
And that is what most of us are doing with our dreams. We say them out loud and after that we never really listen to our internal guidance that wants to direct us to our destination.
Now imagine having done this for decades. Going through life without ever checking the compass for many many years, how lost will you end up? Very lost. Now you know where most people are at and how they got there.

The compass never stops

The thing is that the compass never stops. Your internal guidance never stops guiding you. It will always speak to you and show you which way to go. Even though you are able to not listen to your internal guidance and you can repress the emotions guiding you, you will never be able to shut the guidance off. Because you will never stop feeling. And this is a good thing. Because it’s not a lot of hard work to get back on track and to start using your guidance again to go straight to your dream. All it takes is courage. That’s why the only questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • Am I willing enough to listen and to act upon my internal guidance to get to where I want to be?
  • Am I willing to make listening to my internal guidance my No.1 priority in life?

Hopefully you answered yes. If you have trouble answering yes, ask yourself how much you really want your dreams to come true. If you want it badly enough, you will find a way to say yes.
Below you will find  5 steps that help you to listen to your internal guidance.

Listen to your Internal Guidance: 5 Steps

Step 1: Know the Difference Between a Mental and an Emotional Decision.

It’s really important to know the difference between a mental and an emotional decision and to start experimenting with it.
For that, you can watch the youtube video below: Decision Making: Mental vs. Emotional Decisions.

Step 2: Start to Feel

Start to feel your emotions. Tune in to yourself. And fully allow yourself to feel. Do you feel positive emotions? If so what positive emotions? Do you feel negative emotions? If the answer is yes, what negative emotions do you feel?

Also, observe your emotional reactions to situations. Be aware what a shift in your environment triggers inside of you.

Step 3: Start to Make Decisions Based on How you Feel.

Start to experiment with making emotional decision. To help you with that, I encourage you to read the blog post on Self-Love and go the section “Making self-loving decisions” and use the process to make decisions.

Step 4: Trust Yourself.

A huge aspect of listening to your internal guidance is to trust yourself and your guidance. Trust that you will e safe and that you will be provided. Even more, you will end up getting everything you want if you just listen to yourself and follow what feels right.

Step 5: Know that You Don’t Really Have an Option

If you are lost in your life at the moment, you may have realized that the current way of doing things is not really working for you, otherwise you would not be where you are right now. Actually, everything you did so far, the way you made decisions, lead you here. So maybe it’s time for something new.

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