Walking down the streets you see people who are tired of life. They seem to be walking dead bodies. 

You can feel their suppressed emotions, their hidden potential and their buried creativity. You can hear their heart screaming at them that they please stop this bullshit now.

So let’s stop for a minute and ask: what’s the point of all this? Are we really alive to end like that? To be walking dead bodies? To be machines walking around?

NO! Freaking NO!

You are not here to be a cog in a giant machine. You are here to be a flowing, creative individual.

The point of life is not and never was to simply do what is expected of you. The point of life is to flow. To go in the direction of what you truly want. To experience love and joy, passion, enthusiasm. To connect with people. To love life.

You are not here to be a walking dead.

How come you are?

Growing up you become part of society and you learn the common “agreement” there is on how we humans should live. Depending on your upbringing you are likely thought to pursue this.

I challenge you

To not do what you are thought. Connect back to you inner child. And fu** (I’m sorry but I am passionate about that) everything. Stand up, do what you want. Get in the flow and become the beautiful shining tree the world needs you to be.

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  1. I love this! I read on a different blog the story of a person asking his artist friend when he first started to learn art. The artist said back to his friend, “when did you stop?” Wow. That’s powerful, hey? Look back to your childhood passions. I totally agree with this! Great, post!

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