Transformational Healing Meditation

Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit for Greater Balance and Harmony

Transformational Meditation is designed to resolve your self-doubting thoughts that are holding you back in your career, your neediness and insecurities in relationships and physical illnesses or discomforts that are causing your Health and Fitness problems. Practicing Transformational Meditation daily for 20 minutes enables better focus and clarity for career and financial success, more presence and love for yourself and others and greater body awareness which enables a better diet and a stronger and healthier body

Why Transformational Meditation

  • Break Habit Patterns
  • No Frustration
  • Easy to Practice
  • No Boredom
  • Experience Significant Changes and Breakthroughs
  • Achieve Stability of Mood
  • Reach other States
  • Grow and Learn Beyond this Reality
  • What is Transformational Meditation?

    Transformational Meditation is a Healing Meditation technique developed by Lorelle Dehnhard that aims to Heal a person’s negative thoughts, emotions, traumas, beliefs and habits to come into a healthier, more aligned and balanced state of being. Throughout her 5 years of studying and practicing many different meditation approaches and techniques, Lorelle picked specific aspects of different meditation practices such as Vipassana, Mindfulness Meditation and Transcendental Meditation that have a healing effect on the individual person and combined the knowledge of these old traditions. The result is Transformational Meditation, a specific healing meditation to heal your body, mind and spirit, and bring all of them into greater harmony.

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Working with Lorelle has improved my ability to focus in meditation and in life. She has helped me to understand the true motivation behind my reason for meditating and inspired me to start a daily practice. The breathing and movement exercises at the beginning of class really helped prepare my mind for meditation. The class is extremely effective and motivating. She makes meditation something to look forward to.

Mila Petkovic, Yoga Teacher and Musician

Sometimes you walk through life without expectation, simply letting things come and thanking everything that you receive, and this is how I met Lorelle and still today I am grateful for the teaching received from her. In her workshops, she passionately shares fundamental knowledge and obvious points of view that we have forgotten in our daily routines. Sharing with her space for self-reflection towards issues that really matter in our lives is something that I personally recommend a lot and today I still thank life for having put her in my way.

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nava, CEO Pagamobil

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I tried Lorelle’s Meditation class at Harmony Tulum, and I had a very positive experience. Lorelle’s gentle yet strong voice guides you into meditation through visual metaphors, and she provided a new technique from which to develop my practice. I had the chance to speak with Lorelle personally and I can see that she is a passionate and dedicated teacher, committed to the improvement of her students as well as her own personal growth.

Nadia Petkovic, Architect and Visual Artist

Before the Meditation Class, I felt stressed and anxious. I felt guilt from a weekend of drinking. I was questioning my sense of self and purpose as well as not feeling very grounded.
After the class, I felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I felt like I had transcended my body and realized the power of my being. I found incredible freedom in just being still. Clarity came back over me and I realized what I needed to do for the week.

Samuel Turrell, Events and Programming
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Lorelle is a Spiritual Teacher and Coach from Berlin, Germany now living in Tulum, Mexico. When she was 18 years old she discovered spirituality and personal development. Due to a lot of issues with overweight, self-hate, self-harm and the constant feeling of not fitting in, she started studying the alternative path of spirituality to deal with her struggles and challenges head on. Over the years of studying she found unique wisdom and techniques that she started sharing at the age 21 years and that she is now teaching all over the world. Her ability to communicate complex spiritual truths in a grounded, non-spiritual, science-based way makes she unique in her field and reputable among non-spiritual people.

Lorelle is an incredible teacher and guide. She has such a sense of self and an innate way of seeing what is going on with you. She is one of the most intelligent people I know and that comes across in how she delivers her class. She blends knowledge of science and spirituality into a truly unique experience. She isn’t like many other mediation or yoga teachers, she has a style and grace that is elegant and sophisticated in its delivery and feel purposeful to every day life.
Thank you Lorelle.

- Samuel Turrell, Events and Programming