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Guided Meditation Relaxation Body Scan For Stress Relief



Take a journey of profound relaxation with this guided meditation body scan. Experience soothing sounds and guided breathing exercises to help reduce negative thoughts, calm your mind, and bring balance to your life.

Find a Comfortable Position

Begin by finding a comfortable position. Whether you choose to lie down, sit up, or remain in a standing position is up to you. Make certain that you are relaxed and that your body and breath flow easily. Close your eyes or focus them on a stationary point on the floor in front of you. You can also place one hand over your chest and the other over your stomach for greater awareness of your breath.

Check-In with Your Body and Breath

Take a few moments to check in with the body. Starting at your toes, notice how each part of your body feels. Then slowly move up to your eyes, forehead, and the crown of your head. The next step is to observe your breath without trying to change it in any way. Breathe naturally as you silently say “inhale” as you inhale and “exhale” as you exhale. Doing this for a few minutes will help you relax and lower any tension in the body.

Start Scanning Through Your Body Areas

Begin the body scan with your toes. To start, focus on how each toe feels. Feel the sensations in different areas of your feet and then move up to your ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. Move up through your abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms to your neck and head. Notice any beliefs area where tension may be held in the body or simply observe the neutrality of it all. As you move through each area of your body, take a few moments to pause before you continue on with the body scan.

Fully relax your body with this guided meditation relaxation body scan. After this meditation you will feel relaxed, energized, and peaceful.

Duration 12 Minutes

Guided by Lorelle Dehnhard

With Music


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