A lot of times we resist where we currently are. We think that what is going on is wrong and therefore we are in resistance to what is happening. We don’t accept.

In this article, I’ll convince you that we have no other option than to accept where we are. That we have no other option than to accept the present moment in order for us to grow.

We can’t escape

Let’s be super logical for a minute. We are in this situation because everything WE did before let us here. So it’s our responsibility.

On top of that: we can’t escape. There is no way out. The situation is as it is. So we have two options: resist what is happening till death or accept and love what is happening in order for us to grow and learn.

Resistance drains our energy

Let’s look at the first option. Resisting something drains our energy. Resistance blocks the flow of life. When we resist something we block life energy from flowing through us.

Plus: While resisting we are so focused on the resistance itself that we have no energy to go into the direction of integration and healing.

Resisting causes a lot of negative emotions that distract us from understanding and learning from a situation.

Acceptance is the first step towards growth

Accepting where we are right now and accepting how we feel, is the first stepping stone towards growing. Towards integrating. Towards feeling better. We won’t get far with resisting. But we will get far with accepting.

When we start accepting where we are, we open the doorway for learning and growth.

Beating up will do harm

Beating up on ourselves is unnecessary. As said before, we are where we are, we can’t change it right now. Beating up on ourselves sends hate to ourselves. This does a lot of harm regarding our self-image and our emotional intelligence.

Love will do good

Instead: giving ourselves love and attention in difficult times is exactly what we need. We run around constantly craving love and attention from others. But we don’t realize that we are the first source of this love and attention and that no other person can fill this void.

In order for us to release resistance and to accept where we are, we have to teach ourselves that we are always loved, no matter how we feel, no matter what we do, no matter where we end up.

It is extremly detrimental to base the amount of love and attention we give OURSELVES on whether we like what is happening or not.

So it’s extremely important that we accept where we are and that we LOVE where we are. From this loving and accepting state of mind, we can find solutions and we can grow.

Now you know the pros and cons. But I want to help you with releasing resistance. But in order for you to release resistance, you have to know when you are in a state of resistance. Here are some hints:

You know you resist something when..

–          You feel negative emotions

–          You feel pressure

–          You feel tension in your body

–          You have trouble relaxing

When you catch yourself in such a state of mind, breath deep. Try to relax and say affirmations like:

This is ok.

This too shall pass.

I allow myself to feel this.

I am completely present right now.

I am completely present with you right now (say this to yourself).

I love and understand you (say this to yourself).

Sending the energy of love and acceptance

Another way of releasing resistance is to send the energy of love and acceptance from your heart to all parts of your body. Here’s the process:

1.       Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths

2.       Bring your awareness to your heart, feel your heartbeat

3.       Feel the warmth of your heart

4.       Imagine your heart as the center of your love and acceptance

5.       Feel deeply into it

6.       Now start by sending this energy up to your chest, into your arms, up to your head

7.       Send this love and attention down to your belly, your legs and feet

Stay in this exercise as long as you want. After that, you can come back to the present moment and feel the difference.

Practice this.

Practice releasing resistance in your daily life. Practice surrendering. Practice loving what is. The more you practice, the more life energy will flow through you. And the more you set yourself up for loving growth.


picture: Mzlle (CC0 Public Domain)

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  1. Hey Lorelle, thanks a lot for sharing this. You’re doing a great job for all of us to learn from. Love the fonts and color of texts too it’s very soothing. Yes we must accept and feel the pain than to escape from it and fool ourselves.

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