365 Days Of Awareness: Day 1

Less Doing, More Being

In order to feel and to heal, you have to take your time out.
Take your time out of all the rush, chaos and conflicts of daily life and relax.
Relax into your discomfort. Relax into your pain. Relax into whatever comes up and be.
Be and fully surrender.

The whole social system is set up in a way that distracts you. You go from activity to activity and when you are not engaged in an activity, you hear about what activity you should be engaged in. You never really have the time to reflect on what you are actually doing. You are just doing because someone (parents, TV, friends, teachers, spiritual gurus) told you to do.
But are you really doing it because you want to? Are you really doing whatever you are doing from an internal drive to become more you?
Or are you doing whatever you are doing from an internal drive to become someone else?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Maybe not. Maybe not because you simply had no time to do it.
You were distracted all of your life by doing activities you are not sure whether they are in alignment with your true desires.

That’s why the path to becoming more you, is not by doing more, but by doing less.
Doing less of what you think you should do to have more time for being. More time for finding and being you.

That’s why my proposal to you is that you take this mantra on for the next two weeks: “Less Doing, more being” and act accordingly.

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