This feeling of procrastination. Of nothing is moving. Nothing is changing. It feels like everything is the same for YEARS. That’s when you are stuck in life.

If you are stuck in life and don’t know why: read on. Here are 5 factors that keep you stuck in life.

No.1 Beliefs that keep you stuck in life

Your own beliefs and therefore your own thoughts keep you stuck in life. Think about this: Your current reality is the way it is because of your current way of thinking. Great!

Not so great if you want to change something. If you no longer want to be stuck in life.

Your current way of thinking led you here!

What does this mean? This means that in order for you to no longer be stuck in life, you have to change your beliefs and your thinking. Logical, isn’t it?

You cannot wait for change; you have to be the change first

Thus, you cannot wait for change, you have to be the change first. You cannot wait for something outside of you to shift, in order for you to be happy. If you wait for something else to make you happy, you will never be truly happy.

In order for you to find happiness in the now, you have to keep in mind the second factor that keeps you stuck.

No.2 Resistance keeps you stuck in life

Big time! I talk about resistance a lot because it is such an important concept.

Nothing will change if you resist what is currently happening.

Again: *Read slowly with a teacher’s voice* Nothing will change if you resist what is currently happening.

Change does not work that way. Thus, you have to find a way to accept where you are. You have to find a way to release resistance. If you want to go deeper into this topic, read my article: Why you have no other option than to accept where you are

No.3 Old Wounds prevent you from moving on

Sometimes you are stuck in life because of old wounds you have. You think so much about what happened to you and how bad this is, that you can’t find a way to move on.

Often these old wounds are keeping you from moving forward.

The only way to heal this wounds is to deal with them again. To go back with your imagination and relive the situation. Go back and take care of the little child in this situation.

No.4 Not forgiving people

This goes hand in hand with No.3. You often had people in your life that did you harm. But nothing will keep you more stuck than not forgiving these people.

It’s like a transparent string attached to the people. A part of your subconscious is still with them and is not finished with that situation and thus not ready to move on. Therefore you are stuck in life.

That’s why it is so important to forgive people in order for you to release the attachment and therefore to move on in your life.

No.5 Not dreaming big enough

Here’s a secret from all successful people: They dream big. Really big. They dream into the impossible. And they never let other people bring them down.

They never let other people tell them they can’t.

And that’s why you are stuck in your life: You don’t dream big enough. And if you do, you don’t really think you can make it. Subconsciously you think you are not capable of doing it Furthermore, you let other people bring you down.

Don’t let other people bring you down. Know your worth and move on.

Here’s another fact to remember:

Dreamers are changers

People who dream big, bring big changes. The ones who dream into the impossible make the impossible possible.

Furthermore, people who dream big are questioning the rules. They are questioning and challenging the current way of thinking. Because of that other people are trying to bring you down. Because they are subconsciously afraid of the change you bring.

But I tell you: Do it anyways! The world needs you to dream big and therefore to bring change.

Don’t give up, you can make it.

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