Why Independent Woman Are Single Forever & How To Change It

Are you a single, independent woman searching for a deep and meaningful connection but struggling to find it? You’re not alone. Many independent women find themselves navigating the dating world with high standards, a busy life, and a sense of self-sufficiency that can sometimes hinder their quest for love. But what if these very qualities…


Communicating Emotional Needs: 9 Things You Need To Consider

Relationships are complicated. From friendships to colleagues to romantic relationships, we are constantly faced with opposing emotional needs. In a romantic relationship, for example, one partner needs a lot of verbal reassurance while the other has a hard time communicating feelings. On paper, this is doomed to fail right? It is not. Because it all…


How to transform an emotional trigger into positive change

Emotional trigger, we all have one or multiple throughout the day. Sometimes small things like a belated friend or the dirty dishes in the sink can make us go from calm and relaxed to furious and in rage in seconds. Certainly, there are a variety of techniques helping to calm these emotional triggers. These techniques…


How To Feel Your Emotions-The Best and Simplest Guide

Statistics state that only 36% of people in the world can perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions* yet emotions are part of everyone’s life. But how come people, are so disconnected from something ever-present in their life? The answer is simple. Nobody teaches it. In school, there are lessons on math, languages, and science…

General | Self-Love

How To Eliminate Self-Doubt Forever

Are you on a mission to live your passion, show yourself to the world and achieve the success you always wanted but get blocked by thoughts of “I am not good enough. I am not ready.”? Then you are likely experiencing self-doubt. Whether it is a new idea, a goal, or just positive feedback you…


The point of life

The point of life is not and never was to simply do what is expected of you. The point of life is to flow. To go in the direction of what you truly want. To experience love and joy, passion, enthusiasm. To connect with people. To love life.