How your higher self communicates with you

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Understanding how your higher self communicates with you will change the way you live your life. When acted upon the voice of the higher self, it will lead you away from money issues, relationship chaos, ill-being, and into a life of abundance, love, and health.

This article covers the difference between the higher and lower self as well as why it’s not good to live from either one all the time. Furthermore, it explains three ways how your higher self communicates with you and for each way practical tips to recognize and train each.

What Is The Higher Self

The higher self is the self that is closely connected to god. It’s a part of you that is free of fears, worries, limiting beliefs as well as destructive habits. You can imagine the higher self as the perfect version of you that is living a life of purpose, love, and abundance.

The Lower self, on the other hand, is the self that is absorbed in limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, worries, and negativity. It’s our most human and primal self which mainly functions to keep you surviving.

Only Living From The Lower Self

When you only live from your lower self, you will always look for threats and potential harm. Your mind will be filled with worries and fears. Walking around the streets you will scan every person and corner for potential threats and deadly situations.

You will rarely spend money to save for a potential threat or spend it on things that keep you safe. Being absorbed by fear, you will either not enter a relationship or you will cling to one because you know together you are stronger.

These were just examples and living from your lower self can look different for every person, because we all have different fears and worries. But you can play the game and ask yourself:

If I only live from my fears and worries for 5 years, how will my life look like after?

Who would I be, where would I be and what would I do?

Take some time to think or write about this.

Only living from your higher self

Now imagine only living from your higher self. Immediately, you think that life will be amazing, right? You will take opportunities, risk, try new things and end up abundant, loved, and healthy.

But what about life and death situations? When encountering a wild lion, for example, your higher self may tell you that we are all one and this lion will not harm you. So without the lower self, you stay, don’t take any caution steps and you may get attacked.

This is a very simple example yet applicable to other areas. When only living your higher self, for example, you may just spend money because you believe in abundance, but your lower self would tell you to stay calm and save your money.

Don’t Just Be Your Higher Self

To summarize, the higher self sees an ideal world while the lower self sees a world full of dangers and threats. When looking at the higher and lower self, it may be easy to desire to only be the higher self. But when examined closely, only being the higher self is not beneficial. The main reason it’s not beneficial is that we are living in a world of contrast. We see opportunities and threads, life and death, light and dark. That is why both selves have a purpose.

The lower self is there to warn us and keep us safe in the darkness while facing threats or avoiding death. While the higher self helps us experience life, take opportunities, and live in the light.

I believe that we need both. We need the lower self to keep us safe in dangerous situations and the higher self to keep us happy and growing. Interestingly enough, you don’t need to worry about not being your lower self as it is the most primal part of us that we will never be able to get rid of. For that reason, the following steps describe how your higher self communicates with you and how you can listen and act upon it.

How Your Higher Self Communicates With You

1. Intuition

Intuition (or some people say gut feeling) is defined as “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning*”. It can come in the form of a simple knowing, a feeling, or a vision. Many people experience intuitions when bad things are about to happen or other people are thinking and feeling certain things.

The higher self communicates through intuition by giving you a feeling of “this is right” or “this is wrong”. Often when you act upon your intuition, you often don’t know why you are doing this and where it leads you to. Only in retrospect, you can see the big picture of that intuitive act and how it is leading you toward satisfaction.

A personal story on intuition

I personally had a lot of crazy stories where this happened. One example is from during my time living in Mexico. While living in Mexico, I gave meditation and self-love workshops in hotels. One day I was sitting in the restaurant of one hotel and I saw a man walking in. I suddenly got the impulse to invite him to my meditation classes. So I did that by yelling through the restaurant to invite him. He was happy and agreed to come.

Later that day I was sitting in my class waiting for participants to come. It was already late and no one showed up but a few minutes later the man, who I invited, walked in. I happily gave him the meditation classes and after the class, he told me that he is the owner of the hotel. We continued sitting in the room and talking about the hotel and the future vision. We had such a good talk and connected so well that he became a big supporter of my work and opened the doors for many teaching opportunities in mexico.

This example highlights the fact that intuition just leads you without showing you where it goes. Following it will make you end up in the best situations that benefit your life.

How to train your intuition?

Your higher self is always trying to communicate with you through your intuition. That means that you don’t have to activate your intuition. All you need to do is to train to recognize your intuition and learn to act upon it.
Here are some steps to train to recognize your intuition.

1. Practice meditation and mindfulness
The one thing that clutters your intuition is mostly your mind. Its fears, worries and negativity get in the way of you and your intuition. To prevent this, start a meditation and mindfulness practice. It’s best to start your morning with a 10-15 minute mindfulness practice. Check out the shop for some guided meditations.

2. Pause
Overdoing and rushing are blocking you from recognizing your intuition. Going hand in hand with the first step, take some moments during the day where you don’t do anything. For example, waiting in line at the cashier, don’t play on your phone, rather be fully distraction-free and present.

3. Suspend immediate judgment
Oftentimes what gets completely in our way of hearing and later acting upon our intuition is our judgment and internal monologue. You can have a million intuitive insights every day, but if you always question, judge, and discard them, there is no point in asking how your higher self communicates with you because you are not even taking the messages seriously.

Acting upon your intuition

Since we covered how to listen to your intuition it’s time to set some basic rules for acting upon your intuition. As stated previously, there is no point in trying to listen to your intuition, if you don’t act upon it.

Rule #1 Act Fast
Acting fast is the main key to utilizing the power of your intuition and thus effectively answer the questions “how your higher self communicates with you”. Whenever you have an intuition, every second matters. You need to act fast without questioning what you intuitively know. The general rule is that you have about the 30s to take the first step. That doesn’t mean that you need to write an entire book in your 30s when you have the intuition. The 30s window is just the time you have to take the first step, even if it’s just writing down the idea, writing the first sentence or the title of your book, or sending a message to someone.

Rule #2 Finish The Action
Hand in hand with rule #1 after taking the first step, you need to finish the entire action, otherwise, the intuitive energy is wasted. No matter if you stumble across any resistance or limiting belief, finish what you started. And rule #1 applies here as well, don’t waste a few weeks to finish the action. Do it as soon as possible.

Rule #3 Be Willing To Change Courses
Your intuition is connected to your higher self and it sees, hears, and knows everyone and everything around you. The moment you get an intuition, everything is perfectly aligned to take the action and the intuition is showing the fastest way to fulfillment. As time passes, though, circumstances change and so can your intuition change.
For that reason, rule #3 means that you need to be willing to change directions and courses of action when something in your intuition changes. Don’t get attached to the intuitive insight, rather stay open and willing to new insights. On the other hand, don’t wait for or expect a change.

2. Joy

Another way of answering the question of how your higher self communicates with you is by looking at your emotional guidance system. Your emotional guidance system functions like a compass that leads you towards your best life. Anytime the needle is pointed towards joy, abundance, and happiness, you are on the right path to your best life. Anytime you feel anxiety, fear, or worry, your thoughts and actions are showing you the wrong way to your best self.

The reason your emotional guidance system and specifically the emotion of joy is how your higher self communicates with you is because your higher self is the best feeling good joyous version of you. And in order to get there, you just need to follow the feelings this higher self embodies. And how can you do this? Here are a few steps.

1. Train emotional intelligence

The foundation of listening to your emotional guidance system is being able to feel and understand emotions. Now a lot of us are out of touch with our emotions because they just caused and/or are still causing us pain. But this pain is part of the compass. Just tuning it out and ignoring doesn’t solve the issues that you are maybe living a life that is out of alignment with your higher self.

One of the best ways to train your emotional intelligence is to do a feeling diary for 30 days. A feeling diary is a diary, where you write down how you feel during the day. By doing this you pay attention to how you feel during different times of the day as well as how certain emotions feel exactly.
To start a feeling diary, you can create something like this. 

Time How do I feel? Is it a positive or negative emotion? Where do I feel it in my body? How does it feel in my body?
12 pm Sad Negative Around my heart heavy, cold, pressure
2 pm Motivated Positive Hands Tingling


How do I feel? Sad, frustrated, anxious, happy, fulfilled, motivated, ..
Is it positive or negative emotions?
Where do I feel it in my body? Around my heart, on my shoulders, in my forehead, stomach, ..
How does it feel in my body? Heavy, cold, warm, burning, pressure from in or outside, ..

Set about 5-8 fixed times per day where you do a feeling check-in. To do the feeling check-in, ask yourself the questions and write down your answers. After 30 days of doing this feeling diary, you will have a greater awareness of your emotions and you will be able to listen to your emotional guidance.

2. The Questions

When you have some awareness of your emotions, you can ask yourself a guiding question throughout the day.

What would make me feel good right now?

Ask yourself this question any time during the day and at least 10 times and do your best to act according to the answer.

You can do a challenge over the weekend where you live your entire day according to these questions. I have done this multiple times and I have always ended up in amazing adventures and in the arms of my wildest dreams.

3. Making decisions

Part of life is always making decisions. Decisions are the crossroads in life where we either go closer to our dreams or further away from time. Most of us, unfortunately, are making decisions from the mind. We reason and argue for certain choices and how they are benefitting us.
But when it comes to how your higher self communicates with you, you always have to go away from reasoning and towards feeling. Because of that, when facing a crossroads in life or when making small choices, it’s important to take reasoning and emotional guidance into account. I have a video on mental vs. emotional decisions, which teaches you how to make emotional decisions. Check it out here.  

When you manage to do all these steps, you will have a greater way of understanding how your higher self communicates with you, and furthermore, you will live a life in alignment with your higher self. 

3. Signs

Your life is filled with signs from your higher self. They come in the form of conversations you heard from others, certain things not working out, or “coincidences”. The problem is that mostly you are not recognizing the signs or when you see them you are rationalizing them to the degree that they become irrelevant.

The beauty of signs is that they are powerful. They can show you what the next best step is or they can give you a small hint to what you are doing wrong. In the following, there are some common signs from your higher self listed.

Sign: Overheard conversations

Remember the last time you walked outside and you heard a bit of a stranger’s conversation? They were either talking on the phone or talking with someone and what you heard seemed weird? I believe that what catches our awareness is never a coincidence. Especially what we hear from other people is never random. Some part of our consciousness was resonating with what they said so it could be our higher self. For that reason, pay attention to what you accidentally hear other people talk about. Don’t actively try to listen to stranger’s conversations but notice anytime happens.

Sign: Numbers

There is a wide range of philosophies on numbers and what it means if you see 111, 222, or 444 or your favorite number over and over again. At the core, they mean alignment and being on track. For that reason, don’t actively look for special numbers but notice anytime they accidentally catch your awareness on the clock, car signs, streets, prices, or likes and follows on social media.

Sign: Coincidences

Have you ever experienced thinking of someone and a moment later you meet them on the street or they call you? You can easily say that it’s a coincidence, but what if not? What if that person appeared in your mind and in your presence for a reason?

If these coincidences happen over and over again, it’s worth noting and looking at and understanding how your higher self is communicating with you through this.

What could this mean?
How does this relate to my life?
What can this tell me?
What can this signal me for my own life?

Everything you answer here matters and is important to understand how your higher self communicates with you.

Now before we finish this article, there is one last thing that is important to remember.

A Word About Free-Will

If you see how your higher self communicates with you and you start facing choices whether you want to act based on the messages, it’s important to remember your free will. The messages from your higher self should not mean that you blindly follow everything. These messages are just information to utilize your free will and to ultimately make good life choices.

Free will is important and a key point of the human experience. Furthermore, your lower self is also important and it’s fears and fight or flight mechanisms too. So do consider this and try to take each thing into a large picture of your life.


* Oxford Language

Empower yourself to steer your life’s course, surmount challenges, and realize your goals with the impactful coaching program designed for lifelong results
Book a Free Discovery Call Today

The free 45-minute discovery call conducted via video or phone call is the perfect starting point if you want to learn more about coaching.
In this personalized call, I will delve into your current circumstances, evaluating how my coaching program can offer the tailored support you seek. It’s a dedicated time to explore possibilities, assess compatibility, and pave the way for your transformative journey ahead.

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