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Many people on their spiritual journey have their primary focus on the spiritual aspect such as meditation, visualizing or affirming things. While they focus so much on the spiritual aspect, they often dismiss the physical aspect which includes  eating spiritual food.
What spiritual food is, why you can’t ignore it and how to best eat for spiritual awakening will be discussed in this article.

As you go along your spiritual path, you hear all these teachers talking about meditating, contemplating and manifesting, but you hear only a few teachers talking about physical exercise and healthy eating. Somehow this got lost in the modern spiritual teachings. Because the truth is that nearly every old spiritual tradition comes with a food and exercise aspect. They promote a certain way of eating that benefits the spiritual growth. And that is for a reason.

Your Body is your Energy Holder

Your body is the place where all your energy is held. It’s basically the physical vehicle to transport and express your energy. Now a body that is not able to function optimally because of toxicity or illness, will be less capable of holding high states of energy. This is important to know when accelerating on your spiritual journey. Because the goal of your spiritual practice is to raise your frequency. But you can only raise your frequency to a level that your body is capable of holding. So the less healthy and more toxic a body is, the lower the general vibration of the body and so the lower the capacity to hold new higher levels of vibration.
Going back to the Law of Attraction, your body is emanating out that vibration which then attracts situations and events to you. Bringing all of that together, it get’s clear that the body is an important part of your spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Growth and Healthy Living Have to go Hand in Hand

Spiritual Growth and healthy living are not to be seen as separate from each other. In fact, they have to be seen as part of each other. Each benefitting the other. For example, your spiritual growth benefits your healthy living and so benefits your healthy living your spiritual growth.
That’s why any spiritual practice may it be mediation, affirmation or visualization has to come with a practice of healthy living. It’s very crucial to take your body with you on the journey of awakening. Don’t ignore it or try to not see it as important. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. So it’s time to take care of the physical body as part of your spiritual practice.

Spiritual Food

Spiritual Food is any food you eat that is full of life and energy which helps you to accelerate on your spiritual journey. There is certain food which is low of life energy because they have been highly processed such as cereal, bread, dairy products or sweets. And there are foods that are high in life energy because they are in their natural raw state such as any fruit and vegetable or grains like quinoa, rice and beans. The basic rule of thumb is that the more alkaline and alive a food is, the better it is for your spiritual growth. You can look at any food and see if it is colorful, shining and screaming of life, or if it is grey, processed and seemingly dead. And then you will naturally conclude what is better for you and what not.

How to Eat for Spiritual Awakening

To eat best for spiritual awakening is to go from light to heavy. Eat the lightest meal for breakfast and the heaviest meal for dinner. When aiming to eat for spiritual awakening, it’s important to waste as little energy as possible on digestion so that that energy can be used for the spiritual awakening. A light meal contains a lot of fast to digest components such as fruit or veggies. Heavy meals contain more heavy, harder to digest foods for which the body needs a lot of time to digest. That’s why eating light in the morning is important because light foods are easy to digest and you will not have a lot of your energy getting wasted in digesting early on.

Example Meal Plan

Here’s an example of what eating from light to heavy means:


A fruit smoothie, a green smoothie or a green juice
Any kind of very juicy fruits like melons

A salad with for example quinoa and avocados

A vegan curry with rice, tofu, and veggies


There are many many meal plans out there, you can just google “alkaline foods” or “alkaline food meal plan” and you will find a lot of information on that topic.

What to Avoid

In general, I recommend you to avoid animal products as much as you can. They slow down your entire digestive system and your body has to use a lot of it’s own energy to digest these foods. On top of that, when you are consuming animal products, you are literally consuming the energy of death and suffering. Because that’s what energy was inhibit in the animals from whom the food came from or from whom it was made. So eliminate animal products as much as you can at your own pace. Don’t try to be perfect right away.

Don’t Use Food as Punishment

Spiritual food is supposed to assist you on your journey. So don’t use this article to create an area of perfectionism or huge pressure. Use it as an inspiration to make little changes in your diet and do not punish yourself in any way. Relax, go slow and make little improvements as you go along.

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