How To Turn JOURNALING TO MANIFEST Into Success for 2021

Journaling to manifest your goals is an alternative to traditional goal setting. The nature of goal setting and New Year resolutions is that they are mostly coming from thoughts and reason.
For example, you see that you are overweight and in your mind, you reason that it would be good to lose weight. Now you use the new year as a reason to set a new goal.

Goals vs. Visions

Setting goals and new years resolutions like this has a high likelihood of failure. When you only set goals from a thought level, likely you are not emotionally on board and you don’t have a vision.
When you instead use journaling to manifest your goals in 2021, you form a vision that is fully charged with emotions. And emotions are the driving force of our actions.
In the process of this journaling practice, you are also being very specific about your goal. This specificity helps to have a clear picture in your mind of what it is that you want and ultimately you will know exactly what to do.

Journaling to manifest your goals in 2021

To start this practice, I invite you to take out your journal. If you don’t have one, take out a nice sheet of paper and a pencil. On the very top of the page, you write the current date plus one year.
So for example, 1.01.2022.

When we are journaling about your goals for 2021, we will write about them as if they already happened. So whenever you are asked about what you have achieved, in the journaling to manifest your goals in 2021, think about what you wanted to achieve. That way we make your goals already history and you are more likely to achieve them. Now we will do a quick meditation to bring you into the next year to then journal about what you have achieved.

Time-Travel Meditation

To get started with the journaling to manifest your goals in 2021 do a time-travel meditation.
Find a comfortable position, remove all distractions, and close your eyes. Watch the video below to do the meditation (starts at 2:41)

Journaling to Manifest your goals in 2021 Start

(You can watch the video above and have a guided version of this journaling (start 5:20) or continue reading). Now stay in that space and take your journal and answer the questions. Make sure to write in the past as if it already happened.

Health and Fitness

You can think about how much you weigh?
How much did you exercise in 2021?
How did your health improve?
What diet changes did you make?
And how do you feel about achieving these goals? Confident? Fulfilled? Empowered?

Job and Financial Life

What changes happened in 2021 in your career?
What achievements did you have?
Be very specific about how much money you made and how your job changed.
And how do you feel about this? Are you confident about your achievements? Do you feel empowered? On purpose?


What happened in 2021?
Did you get married, have a baby?
Did you improve the relationship with one member of the family?
Be very specific.
And how do you feel about these changes? In love? Connected?

Spiritual life and personal growth

What did you achieve in 2021 that you are proud of today?
Did you meditate every day? Do yoga?
How did you grow yourself that year?

Take about 3-5 minutes for each question and write as detailed as possible. When you are done with this, I invite you to store this journal or sheet of paper in a safe space.

Otherwise, I wish you all the best for the new year.

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