Getting things done- 5 Steps

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In a society that if full of infinite opportunities to distract yourself like watching TV, spending time on social Media, playing video games and going out partying all the time it’s easy to loose track of the things that are really important to your success and well-being.

How to start getting things done will be explained in five easy steps.

Infinite Distractions

We live in a world where everything is easy to get. It’s easy to get quick sex through apps instead of going out and getting to know people, it’s easy to watch the newest movies and series online instead of having to go to the cinema, it’s easy to order food to your place instead of going out or preparing your own. It’s all incredibly easy. But what is getting harder is doing something meaningful with our time and lives. Because all of these easy accessible things make us very impatient and focused on the easy way. We are so used to instant gratitification, that we totally forget about the long-term gratification that comes from a focus that lasts longer than two hours.

But when we then have to do something that is not going to give us instant gratification and that requires a focus of five hours to a couple of days, weeks, months or years, we completly try to run away from these things because they seem to be to difficult and they seem to not pay off quickly. And we then use the small distractions that bring us instant gratification to distract ourselves from the actual things that requires our focus.

Infinite opportunities

So getting things done is getting harder and harder because you are so distracted. But what is interesting is that creating things is getting more and more easy. Because you are able to access all the tools and information that help you to create as fast as you are able to access the new movie on netflix that distracts you.

It’s not technologies fault

So it’s not technologies fault. Technology is actually totally helping you in terms of getting things done. The only problem is that you are rather spending time distracting than focusing.

Getting things done- 5 Easy Steps

To help you with getting things done, you can follow these 5 easy steps.

#1 Take Action Immediately

As soon as something that you need to get done comes to your mind, start doing it immediately. That does not mean that you have to do it all the way to the end, but get at least started. Because the more you argue with yourself in these situations, the more energy you lose to do the thing you wish or need to do.

#2 Make a goal

Focus on what you want to get done today. Don’t go to big and crazy. Go small and focus on something that is doable for you.

#3 Set Focus Times

When you get up and do the thing you need to get done, set a time of no-distraction where you just focus on the activity. Set a timer for at least 30 minutes, put some earplugs in and focus. Focus like a laser beam. I, for example, enjoy the process of focusing, I really feel that all my energy is directed into this one thing. And then this focus makes whatever I do very efficient, powerful and easy.

#4 Relax

Don’t stress yourself. Try to be as relaxed and as positive as possible. This way you are able to produce way better results in a shorter amount of time. The key to really relaxing is to just take a few deep breaths in before and in between working and tune into the way you feel.

#5 Have Fun

After you are done with your focus time, have fun. Enjoy yourself and be proud of yourself that you just started to get things done.

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