Law of Attraction- The Basic Understanding

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The law of attraction is the basic rule governing this universe. The rule says that your focus determines your reality. Many think that it is as easy as thinking positive thoughts all the time. But there is more to the law of attraction than just focusing positively.
This article explains how the law of attraction works and what the components are.

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is a rule like gravity, it’s always operating and you can not escape it. The rule says that like attracts like and dislike attracts dislike. That means that if you focus on something that you like, you get more of what you like. And if you focus on something that you don’t like, you get more of what you don’t like.
It’s easy to understand if you think of everything as energy. Everything is made up of tiny atoms moving around. Even objects that seem solid and stagnant are actually moving constantly. If you take anything and observe it under a microscope, you will see that there always is some sort of life in it.
Because everything is energy, everything vibrates at a certain frequency, which then emanates out into the world. You can imagine your body holding different energies at the same time which then all together create a specific frequency your body is vibrating at that emanates out into the world. This frequency then attracts matching life situations and events to you.

Radio Analogy

Like a radio, you can imagine yourself being on a specific frequency like 98.9. Being tuned in to that frequency then gives you the content of that radio channel which broadcasts on that frequency. As you are able to change the frequency of your radio, so are you able to change your own frequency to get a different content from a different frequency.
What is important to understand is that being tuned in to a different frequency does not mean that all other frequencies do not exist. All frequencies exist simultaneously (same with a radio: all radio channels exist, you are just tuning in to one).  The only difference is the content in the frequency. That’s why one of your friends may have a life full of suffering and struggle and the other one has an easy life where everything is falling into their lab. The difference is just the frequency they are tuned in to and thus the content they are receiving. But both of them have the equal chance of changing their frequency to then get different content.
To understand exactly how your own frequency is created, we have to look at the different components that create your frequency which then responds to the law of attraction.


Imagine your human mind as the main creator of your frequency. The human mind dictates the frequency your body is vibrating at. 95% of the mind is the subconscious mind where all your beliefs, habits and traumas are stored. The other 5% are the conscious mind where your thoughts and emotions are.
You may think right now that it is bad that 95% of your mind is unconscious, but there is a huge value to that. All your daily activities like brushing your teeth, placing one foot in front of the other while walking and knowing how to cycle or drive, are done by the subconscious mind. You learned these things at a certain point in your life and now you are able to do them on autopilot. And this is pretty amazing because you then have the capacity to focus your conscious mind on the really important things and still do the mundane stuff unconsciously.
Let’s explore the conscious and the subconscious mind a little deeper.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious is the mind with which you think and with which you are aware of your emotions. You are using your conscious mind in your day to day life to come up with new ideas, to make decisions or to focus on something. In the Law of attraction, the conscious mind is very important because it is the main container for thoughts and emotions.


Every thought activates a frequency in your body which then becomes a part of the general vibration your body is in. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have positive thoughts. There is even a whole law of attraction sub-community which promotes positive thinking to such a degree, that all other aspects of the human mind are completely ignored. While this is not only extremely limited and harming, it can also cause you to be easily disappointed on your manifestation journey. Because there is more to the law of attraction than just thinking positive thoughts to receive everything you ever wanted.


Emotions are translating the frequency you are holding. Any time you feel positive emotions, you are holding a frequency that is high and thus in alignment with your highest desires. Any time you feel negative emotions you are holding a frequency that is lower and out of alignment with your desires. You can imagine your emotions like a compass. Let’s say that you desire to go north. As long as you think thoughts and take actions that are in alignment with going north, you will feel good. But as soon as you start going a little west or even south, you will start to feel bad. Because your thoughts and actions are causing the needle to no longer point north.

Your emotions are like your compass showing you the way to your desires. To go deeper on that topic, read the blog post on Your Internal Guidance- The Fastest Way to Your Dreams

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Bringing Thoughts and Emotions Together

If you bring both thoughts and emotions together you will see that thoughts activate a certain frequency and your emotions tell you if that thought which activated a frequency is in alignment with your desires. That means you can use your emotions as a guide to align your thoughts with your desires.
But here it is important to not use that knowledge to beat yourself up any time you feel a negative emotion. Especially don’t make having a negative emotion mean something bad about you and don’t be scared of negative thoughts. Having one negative thought will not cause you to manifest bad things just immediately. Because there is still more to the law of attraction than just thoughts and emotions.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is 95% of the mind. It contains beliefs, traumas, and habits. And that is basically everything you are not aware of at the moment but what is still dictating your behavior. Also, the 95% of the unconscious mind is contributing to your overall frequency more than the other 5% of the conscious mind. That’s why it is important to understand the big three components of the unconscious mind.


Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking which then form a lasting thought that is going subconscious which then creates a belief. While this is a very cool mechanism to use to your advantage when applying the law of attraction, it is also a very challenging aspect.

Basically, most of your beliefs (you have thousands of them) get formed when you were very young. Either your caregivers or someone else in your environment tells you directly how the world works by infusing their beliefs into your mind. Or you learn a belief by observing something which then causes you to believe something to be true about life.
Examples for beliefs and how you may get them are:

  • “Money is hard to get” was maybe formed to a belief because you observed your parents constantly struggling to get by.
  • “I have to work extremely hard to be wealthy” was maybe formed because you saw your father really struggling in his business and working hard to bring money to the family.
  • “Relationships are painful and restricting” was maybe formed because your mother always complained that her husband is causing her so much pain and is restricting him in so many ways.

The problem with beliefs is that they not only dictate your behavior, they are also a huge aspect of your overall frequency.


Traumas are painful events that happened in your life. Most of the time a trauma happened when you experienced some sort of tremendous pain that was so painful and so hard to deal with, that you had to suppress parts of that pain because it was the only way to deal with this pain at that moment.
Traums are in your hidden in your subconscious mind. They also create your frequency as long as they are brought to the surface and resolved. This can be very challenging when you try to manifest a loving partner for example but you have a trauma of your parents never really loving you. This then causes contradicting frequencies which most of the prevents the manifestation.


Habits are activities you do repeatedly. They help and assist you in your day to day life to function without having to waste much thought on the things you are doing over and over again. Regarding the law of attraction, habits can be very limiting and can prevent you from receiving the manifestation.
Let’s say you are very stuck in your habits and you never change a thing about your day to day activities. But you want to manifest a different life. You want it very badly and you managed to change something about your frequency. But you are still doing the same thing and never getting out of your current bubble. How will you be able to receive what you are asking for when you are blinded by your habits and 99% of your day you go on autopilot without even recognizing your environment?

Habits do not directly contribute to your overall frequency. They dictate how easy your manifestations can come to you. To learn more about habits, read the blog post on Habits- How to Form and Stick to new Habits.

Putting it all together

All of these aspects, every little component of the conscious and of the subconscious mind create your overall frequency which then emanates out into the world. Then the law of attraction responds to that overall frequency with situations and life events.

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