You talk to people but they do not really listen to you. It seems like they don’t really care about what you are saying. They just nod their head and then they go away. More though: you have trouble making new friends and connecting with people in general.

Wanna know why? Here’s a list

  • You are boring: The only thing you talk about is your work. You are not passionate about something. You don’t have a cool hobby that you like talking about.

Solution: Stop talking for a while and try out stuff. Go find what you like doing in your free time. And by that, I don’t mean TV or video games. That’s boring. Go for a bike ride. Go for a walk. Go to places you’ve never been. Read some interesting book. Get out there and experience life. Don’t be lazy! Have an open eye 🙂

  • You are negative: People like positive people and especially they love talking to them. It’s so rare these days, that it’s refreshing to have a conversation with someone who is positive about the future (in regards to all the negative news)

Solution: Make a list of things you admire and like every day. List 20 things each day for a whole week.

  • You are too self-centered: You talk way too much about yourself. For you talking to a person is like writing a diary. You simply talk selfish-stuff and you do not even care about the other person.

Solution: Ask questions and listen. And ask more questions. People love talking about themselves, same as you love talking about yourself.

  • You are not charismatic: You do not really know how to please people. How to make them feel good around you.

Solution: Make five compliments to people every day for one week. Not just “Oh you look good today”. But real honest heedful compliments, they won’t usually get.

  • You boast too much: You boast too much about what you got and what you experienced. That leaves the other person feeling miserable and useless.

Solution: Take a step back and listen more. Only tell your story, when someone asks you.



picture: Lisa Runnels (CC0 1.0)

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