Emotional Healing: Owning your Pain

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Emotional Healing is a necessity on your spiritual journey. Through owning your pain and finding liberation through healing, you will get to feel the constant joy, magic, and acceleration of life.
Why emotional healing is so important and how to do it by owning your pain will be discussed in this article.

Why you always struggle

The only reason you are in a constant struggle and battle with yourself is that you are not feeling your emotional pain and you are trying to distract yourself from it. Any time you feel a negative emotion, you go straight towards distracting yourself from that pain. You never really own your pain and spend time with it and get the learnings from it.
In a society where everything is very mental and IQ is highly valued, it’s hard to learn how to really be an emotionally intelligent human being. Looking at society you will see that there are not a lot of people who are really emotionally healthy. Who don’t binge eat, binge watch or binge drink when they are feeling down. There are not a lot of people who don’t have some kind of neurosis.
The reason for that is that nobody deals with their shit straight on. Everyone is running around looking for the next distraction. Never stopping, never chasing. Why do you think it’s so hard to sit down and meditate for 10 minutes? Because in these 10 minutes you have no distractions and all the pain you have been suppressing will come to the surface.

Separation Hurts

There is a huge downside to always running away from your pain. The downside is that you are separating yourself from your pain. And separation hurts. In a universe where everything is based and striving towards oneness, any kind of separation is very painful. You are born whole, flawless and limitless. So anything that is aiming for separation hurts. And this is why distracting never works because distracting enforces separation. And this makes the pain even worse.

Separation and the Law of Attraction

The problem is that the separation that is caused by distracting and disowning emotions will manifest in your life. On the one hand, you will never be able to truly connect with other people because you have this filter of pain through which you perceive the other. This causes you to always feel a kind of separation which then causes you to feel alone and disconnected. But what this is actually showing you is that you are disconnected and separated from yourself. And this disconnection and separation is just being mirrored to you. So any time you are at a party and you feel separated, tune in to yourself and feel if there is any emotion that you are not owning in this very moment. Then start by owning the feeling of separation.

On the other hand, you will always be confronted with situations that trigger the very emotional pain you are running away from as a sign for you to integrate it. Because the truth of this universe is oneness, you will always be asked to integrate anything you are separating yourself from. This comes in the form of life events or situations that reinforce the emotional pain. That’s why many people have the same issues over and over again.

On top of that practicing, any kind of positive focus or other spiritual practice without the practice of emotional healing will cause you even more pain. Because focusing positively on something will create a bigger and bigger gap between the emotional pain that wants to be healed and the state of being you wish to experience. This is a huge problem because you will never be able to fully climb the vibrational latter because you are always dragged down by your unintegrated emotions.

The Only Way Out Is In

Instead of running away from your pain and trying to distract yourself from it, start feeling your pain. Start experiencing what is going on inside of you. In the beginning all you have to do is be present with how you feel. Spend 10 minutes every night to fully experience what is going on emotionally.

Owning Your Pain

If you truly want to change your life and the way you act and behave, start owning your pain. Start fully making your pain as part of yourself. Stop the separation and own what you feel. Admit to it, be honest and then use any kind of practice that helps you to let go of what you feel. If you want to learn more about emotions and how to let go of them, read the article How to Let go- The Only Technique You Will Ever Need


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