Meditation and Life Coaching

Meditation and Mindfulness

Whether you want to reduce your stress, heal your depression, or anxiety, this coaching can help you.
By combining traditional methods with modern day psychology, I help my clients achieve inner fulfillment, peace, and happiness.

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Meet Lorelle

I have been working as a professional international coach since 2017. Over the years I coached clients in Mexico, the US, Germany, and other countries applying the power of their minds to create a transformation in their life and work.

Based on my background in business and marketing and my experience working in startups and successful companies, I experienced some of the challenges of the modern business world.

That's why I assist entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees to create inner peace, mental clarity, and fulfillment.

My Approach

I believe that there is a root to every problem. For that reason I am not approaching meditation and mindfulness as a feel-good practice but more as a practice of growing, understanding, and challenging yourself.

Practical, Scientific, Life-Changing

Whether it is in coaching, courses, or workshops- you only learn techniques and methods that work. Hand in hand with the latest scientific research, you learn what you can also implement in your daily life.

I am against just meditating for 10 minutes a day and then being stressed, distracted, and unaware through the day. 

But I am for meditating 10 minutes a day and taking the meditation into your daily life. 

As a coach, I assist you on your journey with my 7+ years of personal and 3+ years of professional experience. 

3+ Years as a Coach

I have been an international professional coach for over 3 years now.

7+ Years of Meditation

I have over 7 years of personal daily meditation practice.

Dozens of Happy Clients

Clients from all over the world have changed their life with meditation.

Free Resources

Whether you are new to my teachings or you want to test it out, free resources are the best way to start. See below what you can get.

Meditation and Minfulness

Achieve Lasting Peace of Mind

The 14- Day Email Course to turn your negative thinking and feeling into peace and clarity.

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Body Relaxation Meditation

Get a free Guided Meditation to help you relax your body. This is a great beginner's technique.

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Explore all courses on Meditation, Mindfulness, and Personal Growth. Each month there will be a new course. 

Daily Meditation

Everyday Mindfulness

Exit The Cycle Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions To Enter A More Relaxed State Of Mind

Learn More

How to Manifest

How to Manifest Effortless

How to manifest by removing your biggest manifestation blocks to effortlessly receive healthy love, abundance, and health.

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Reduce your stress, increase your productivity, and start achieving more with less effort.

By using meditation and mindfulness in your daily life, you will not only radically change your state of mind, but also your emotional state of being. Suddenly you will feel happier, full of energy, and passion.

Your work, relationships, your health, and your social life can powerfully transform with mindfulness and meditation.

I help you as your coach achieve this transformation. 

If you like to learn more, book a free consultation and we will explore what you are struggling with and we develop a unique coaching plan for you.

Before the course i was often anxious and had difficulties finding rest. i felt rushed and uneasy by the pace of everyday life and suffered from insomnia. after doing the course regularly i felt more and more relaxed and my anxiety attacks became controllable. the course helps me to cope with stress, take my mind off things and care for my mental health. Lorelle’s soothing and calming voice is a great help, as well as her gentle instructions. The course is perfect self- care and transfers me in a more relaxed state of mind.

Nora Bergann

Before I started the coaching I felt very restless. I felt the urge to be constantly on the move. When I started with the course I learned that it’s important to press the pause button and to take more care of myself. I feel more peaceful and relaxed right now in daily life.

Kimberley van Raak

My class with Lorelle was really wonderful. I was feeling very stressed and all over the place due to some personal news. During the meditation I calmed down a lot and her guidance helped me stay in the meditation without too much effort. I definitely felt calmer after, and felt much more able to make some big decisions I had to make that day! Lorelle is really a great teacher and you can see that she is hugely passionate about sharing this process and practice.

Abi Ponce Hardy

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