Sitting on the coach with my parents, I feel like I need to hug them. I get up and sit next to my father. While hugging him, I feel emotions coming up, I’d never felt before. I feel so close, but I know, that this will change in a couple of months.

What happened before

I got a new book. Nothing new for someone who is into personal development for over three years now.  But this time it’s different. I open the book and I read the first 12 pages. I lean back. I feel it already. This book will change everything. This book will skyrocket my development. This book will bring me closer to my dreams. But further away from the people I love.

That’s why I sit next to my father. I love my parents so deeply. I feel close to them. But now it feels like crossing a border. My life is starting to change dramatically. I see the results I wanted to have for years. Big change is happening.

The problem with change is that we will lose people on the way. People who don’t change. Who stay the same. We won’t be a match to them anymore. This is the scary part of change and the  real reason we fear change subconsciously.

I sit on the couch and I ask myself: “Am I willing to sacrifice that? Am I willing to sacrifice the connections I have right now to live my purpose? And therefore to be on track in life? To be my authentic self?”

What option do I have? Staying the same? Not changing? Staying in my comfort zone?

I am 21 years old right now. Change is normal. I once heard that every cell in the human body is renewed every seven years. 7, 14, 21. So mathematically I am different than 7 years before. That’s a fact.  I feel different. I have different friends. My environment changed.

So change happens, if we like it or not. But the change that most experiences are changes like getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend, moving to another city, changing the job,…

That’s not me!

The dreams I have are big. The goals I have are huge. So the changes I experience are dramatic. Therefore I have to sacrifice things along the way.

Am I willing to do that? My dreams and desires go beyond my own needs. That’s why this stuff is so meaningful to me. It’s a YES!!

My decision is YES! I am willing to sacrifice this.

Why change is great

Change is great. I’ll lose people, but in the same run, I’ll get to know more people. And these people are more a match to my dreams and desires than the people before.
I am 21 years now. I am now the third person. I have changed two times completely. So hell yes! I am ready to meet you, amazing people.

picture: xusenru (CC0 Public Domain)

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