Law of Attraction: Needing vs. Wanting

Law of Attraction: Needing vs. Wanting

The law of attraction is the basic rule governing this universe. The rule says that your focus determines your reality. You could think right now that it is as easy as thinking positive thoughts but there is more to the law of attraction, especially when it comes to your desires. This article is focused on the difference between wanting vs. needing.
Negative Thoughts- How to stop recurring negative thoughts

Negative Thoughts- How to Stop Recurring Negative Thoughts

Many spiritual teachings today tell you to get rid of negative thoughts. While negative thoughts are not only attracting bad events into your life, they are also causing you suffering on an emotional and mental level. In this regard it's nice to shift your focus from a negative thinking pattern to a positive thinking pattern. But somehow this shift in focus does not really help to resolve recurring negative thoughts.
How to let go- Lorelle Dehnhard

How to Let go- The Only Technique You Will Ever Need

Letting go of any emotions, thoughts, past events, behaviors or even desires is a huge challenge for most people. While most of the advice out there on how to let go helps people to let go of the mental side of something, it’s not really helping them to let go something emotionally. That’s why people still struggle with things even after working on letting go.
Lorelle Dehnhard

5 Factors that keep you stuck in life

This feeling of procrastination. Of nothing is moving. Nothing is changing. It feels like everything is the same for YEARS. That's when you are stuck in life. If you are stuck in life and don’t know why: read on. Here are 5 factors that keep you stuck in life.