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Mindfulness Meditation Bundle



  • Mindfulness Body Scan 13min
  • Mindfulness Breathing 10min

Mindfulness to Start the day

  • Mindfulness Check-in 5min
  • Prime your Mind for the Good 5min
  • Mindfulness Eating 6min

Mindfulness at Work

  • Meetings Meditation 5min
  • Mindfulness Break 5min
  • Mindfulness to Sleep 10min
  • Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety 9min

All meditation are with background music and spoken by Lorelle


Mindfulness Meditation is the ability to maintain a moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without judgment. It became a popular tool to enhance well-being by a growing body of research stating that mindfulness can reduce stress and improve attention and memory.

This bundle includes mindfulness meditation for everyday challenges and life.

From dealing with anxiety to handling stress in the workplace, this bundle is a great introduction to mindfulness meditation as well as a great way to enhance your practice.

While most meditations focus on just sitting quietly, this bundle offers a variety of mindfulness meditations for your daily life. You can practice them while being on a walk, in bed, or in a meditation position on your couch. The bundle is designed to fit your needs and make you acquire different methods and techniques to stay mindful throughout the day.

Why should you buy this bundle and not meditate with an app or youtube?

Most meditations on apps and youtube are designed for all kinds of people. And while they teach you to start a practice, their main aim is meditation itself. Above all, the difference is that this bundle is designed for solving specific problems such as anxiety, stress, or negative thinking. Often these problems have a root cause and just meditating to deal with them will not solve them. But with this bundle, you acquire techniques to solve your mental and emotional challenges so that you can live peacefully and calmly.

What you need to know

Lorelle Dehnhard is guiding you into a mindfulness meditation with the assistance of relaxing and uplifting music. The length of meditations varies from 5-15 minutes.

After purchasing, you will directly download the meditations to your computer or phone.

If you have any questions regarding this product or you would like more in-depth help

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