• mindfulness body scan

    Guided Meditation Relaxation Body Scan For Stress Relief


    Take a journey of profound relaxation with this guided meditation body scan. Experience soothing sounds and guided breathing exercises to help reduce negative thoughts, calm your mind, and bring balance to your life. Find a Comfortable Position Begin by finding a comfortable position. Whether you choose to lie down, sit up, or remain in a…

  • letting go technique

    Letting Go Technique Guided Mediation


    Guided Letting Go Technique Meditation inspired by Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
    Book by David R. Hawkins.

    This letting go meditation help you to let go of any emotions, thoughts, past events, behaviors or even traumas.

    Duration: 15 Minutes

    With Music

    spoken by Lorelle Dehnhard

  • Mindfulness Eating Meditation

    Mindfulness Eating


    The Mindful eating technique is designed to eat mindfully so that you can ultimately make better food choices. This results in healthier eating, weight loss, and you controlling food and it not controlling you. Duration 6 Minutes With Music

  • mindfulness meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation Bundle



    • Mindfulness Body Scan 13min
    • Mindfulness Breathing 10min

    Mindfulness to Start the day

    • Mindfulness Check-in 5min
    • Prime your Mind for the Good 5min
    • Mindfulness Eating 6min

    Mindfulness at Work

    • Meetings Meditation 5min
    • Mindfulness Break 5min
    • Mindfulness to Sleep 10min
    • Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety 9min

    All meditation are with background music and spoken by Lorelle

  • mindfulness to reduce anxiety

    Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety Meditation


    Mindfulness teaches an alternative way of responding to stress and anxiety. By bringing your attention to the present moment, you become aware of your bodily sensations that arise in the middle of an anxiety attack. Use this meditation when you feel anxious. Duration: 9 Minutes With Music

  • Mindfulness to Sleep

    Mindfulness to Sleep


    The Mindfulness practice designed to sleep helps to create mental space and the perfect relaxation to have an undisturbed and energizing sleep. It’s not a coincidence that many people report falling asleep during meditation. With this practice, we will use this tendency to create a smooth transition to sleep. Duration: 10 Minutes With music

  • negative self-talk

    Stop Negative Self-Talk Guided Meditation


    After this meditation, you will feel free of negative thoughts and you will think and act in alignment with your highest goals and potential.