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Transform Personally

Are you longing for positive change and growth in your life? 

The life coaching services are specifically designed to ignite your personal transformation journey.

Through one-on-one guidance, I'll help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs, unleash your inner strengths, and cultivate a mindset for success. 

Discover new perspectives, set inspiring goals, and take action towards creating the life you desire. 

business coaching

Grow Professionally

Are you facing professional challenges that rob you of sleep? Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to deal with the constant changes and demands in your job?

This coaching provides you with the tools and support you need to master your professional challenges.

I am at your disposal for coaching in a new (leadership) role, for conflicts at work or for stress and procrastination

business coaching

Master your Business

Have you reached a turning point in your professional career? Do you feel unsatisfied in your current job and long for a change? Then the coaching on the topic "business mastery" is just right for you!

Regardless of whether you want to start a side hustle, your own company or a change to another company - I will support you.

Your Coach for Change: Lorelle Dehnhard

Since 2017, I have been working as a professional international coach. Over the years, I have helped dozens of clients from Mexico to Dubai improve their performance at work and lead meaningful and happy lives. With my background in business and marketing, as well as my year-long experience working in startups, I bring a wide range of expert knowledge to my business coaching.

A key mindset that I employ in coaching, as well as in my own life, is that every challenge presents a profound opportunity for personal and professional growth. In fact, I firmly believe that as soon as we set a goal, we are destined to face challenges in order to align our mindset.

That is precisely why I assist my clients through periods of change and transformation.

Based on 12 reviews
Groß und Klein
Groß und Klein
Ich war sehr Zufrieden und würde mich immer wieder gerne von Frau Dehnhard coachen lassen.
alana werkmeister
alana werkmeister
First and foremost, let me provide a resume of what having a mentor or coach means to me: Coaches have the capacity to enhance one's confidence, motivation, and accountability. They assist clients in maintaining their focus on their objectives and provide guidance and different tools throughout their journey toward achieving their goals. Lorelle, in my experience, went beyond addressing these aspects; she also helped me uncover difficulties, patterns, and traumas. She offered me a secure space to express myself and accept my emotions as they are. She didn't just motivate me; she pushed me to strive for more, cheered me on, and instilled the confidence in me to surpass even my own expectations. Her unwavering trust in me, even without truly knowing me, served as a tremendous boost and catalyst for my personal growth..
Martin Baumgarten
Martin Baumgarten
Mit Lorelle gewaltfreie Kommunikation zu lernen hat mir sehr viel Freude bereitet, da ihre Art das Thema anzugehen es mir leicht gemacht hat Prinzipien zu verstehen und diese auf der persönlichen Ebene anzuwenden.
Mazin Abood
Mazin Abood
Had a call with Lorelle, she was very quick in pointing out where I were stuck and helped me dissolve my confusion very very fast, our call was literally 10 min and that was all I needed. I highly recommend her services!
Disha Kakkar
Disha Kakkar
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ms.Dehnhard. I am glad that Ms. Dehnhard was my coach.Her professionalism and effective way of communication in coaching has amazed me and helped me to boost my career. I really appreciate her expertise and valuable knowledge to hit the target and achieve the desired goal and especially understand the local Job market. She helped me to understand my career objectives ,my possibility and also improving cv & cover letter. I feel more confident and optimistic to get right position. therefore I definitely recommend the coaching with Ms.Dehnard. she is a super competent friendly, energetic woman with lots of passion and knows her job best. Thank you dear Ms.Dehnhard for giving me wonderful experience and I wish you more success in life. Best regards
Omar Shaban
Omar Shaban
Lorelle really helped me navigating the Sedona Method and feel a lot better!
Mikkel Danmark
Mikkel Danmark
Lorelle helped me with better understanding the "letting go" technique. She was very kind and knowledgeable on the subject.
Ich hatte ein Coaching mit Lorelle Dehnhard und war sehr zufrieden. 🙂
Margaret Owens
Margaret Owens
I sought out coaching because I had read David Hawkins' Letting Go and had tried on my own to practice releasing my emotions, but found myself stuck in my thoughts. In my sessions with Lorelle, she coached me through the process and we set goals for each session and for me to practice the skill on my own in between. I now feel comfortable practicing on my own and have been much better able to regulate my responses when I am emotionally triggered!
Angi Damis
Angi Damis
Ich hatte eine wirklich tolle Zeit bei Frau dehnhard eine sehr professioneller und freundlicher Coach würde es jeden empfehlen der noch nicht genau weiß wie seine berufliche Zukunft aussieht

The coaching has brought me more than I expected. [..] I have now reached a new stage in my life and I am very happy! I recommend this highly qualified professional and just a very good, soulful person to everyone.


Tetyana Morokhovska

Designer, Coach

We spent 7 days together in a program that included: 1 hour of meditation/day, 1-hour manifestation session/day plus “concierge” guide of Tulum. [...] these seven days were a deep and amazing starting to a new life.


Natália Contatto


Lorelle is the very best! I have worked with other coaches and therapist’s, she has helped me more in the last couple months then the rest combined. I was overwhelmed and in my head about my weight and trying to be perfect. She has helped me let go of past habits that were not serving me. My attitude has changed and I have more energy and happiness. I’m free of all the negative thoughts I was thinking. I can’t thank her enough.


Company Owner

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