Your toxic childhood programming dictates up to 98% of your life!

And I am here to change that

I take a different approach than most coaches and therapists

I am for solving the problem at the root. You have been deeply programmed with beliefs, values, and traumas in your past which are now holding you back. I believe that it is a necessity to go deep inside with you to resolve these social programs so that you can freely create the life you desire.

I am against sugar coating and positive focus. Social programming is a serious issue. It prevents you from fully living the life of your dreams and we can't resolve these social programs by just being positive. We need to take a more realistic and serious approach.

I know there are a thousand other things you can do right now, but if you are curious, keep reading..



A 6 year transformation

It would be underestimating to say that I had bad programming. Growing up in a normal German working family, I was fed with toxic beliefs around money, relationships, and health and fitness. While this toxic programming was operating inside of me that told me "You can't" and "This is not possible", I simultaneously had a voice inside of me that said, "there must be something else". This voice inside my head led me onto a search. 18 years old at that time, studying in university, I started unwiring my social programming with the power of meditation, self-love, and manifestation.

At that time everyone called me "crazy". I was a university student, having no degree in psychology and then starting this site, at 21. You can imagine how everyone was laughing and joking about me. That was a hard time for me, I have to admit. But I knew deep down that this is the right path for me. I knew that all these people that are laughing at me are a sign that I am onto something that nobody did before! And indeed I was.

What I was sharing online was new, fresh, and radical. This sharing led me to Mexico in 2018, where I started giving public classes on reprogramming yourself.

The one thing I was teaching in my classes and still today coaching my clients is

Effort is limited. Will-power is limited

When you have been programmed with fears and anxieties around money, for example, you can work as hard as you want, you will fail to make more money. Because your social programming contradicts your desire. And the rule is: Your social programming always wins! This is why we have to look at your programming anytime you want to achieve something.

Why this works

Recently I talked to a client and she told me that she has been trying so hard to achieve her goals. She was been working her a** off but nothing paid off.

Upon further discussion, I found out that she always feels she has to force herself to do anything and then she feels frustrated and angry when it doesn't pay off. It like an inner battle with herself.

I asked her what she observed in her parents growing up when they did any kind of work. She replied that they were always complaining about their work and never really getting anywhere. And then it clicked for her! "Ah, that's my programming. That's what you are talking about! I am repeating what I saw in my parents because I have been programmed with that."

This opened her eyes and throughout the coaching, I helped her change this core programming. But see this: I could have just talked to her about a nice routine she can develop to get more things done and a strategy she can follow without changing her programming. This would make her feel better for a short time but in the long run, the social programming would take over again because she never changed the core, so she would feel exactly the same.

But this is not what you get on this site

You get a radical transformation so that you never need another coach or therapist again!

My goal with this site is to give away the best tools and techniques so that you can start changing your programming right now with

>Techniques you can apply in your daily life

>Little time investment

>Immediate transformation

Look at the results some of my students have gotten

Her practical exercises are transformative and inspiring. I highly recommend her!

Rena Yassiri, Founder insidejobhealing

I literally practice some of the techniques Lorelle taught during the class everyday day now.

Setareh Khatibi, Actress/Singer
Cassedy O'Neill Cassedy O'Neill, Coach and Yoga Teacher

Lorelle’s manifestation tool has simply changed my life! It has reminded me of my ability to create my reality, and the magic stream of life that can unfold when you take the time to just consciously pause and go through the 4 steps! Every facet of my life has changed. Truly.

Kimberley van Raak Kimberley van Raak, Dental Assistant

Before I started the coaching I felt very restless. I felt the urge to be constantly on the move. When I started with the course I learned that it’s important to press the pause button and to take more care of myself.
I feel more peaceful and relaxed right now in daily life.

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