365 Days Of Awareness: Day 2


What happens if

What happens if we stop polluting and start cleaning.
Start cleaning our soul from all the limiting beliefs, drama and chaos.
What happens if we cleaned our souls to such a degree, that only the pure soul is left?

Actually, we don’t clean our souls.
Souls are always perfectly clean.
But we clean the dirty window that is preventing the light of the soul to shine through.

So what happens if we clean that dirty window to such a degree that the pure soul can shine through?

There will still not be a direct experience of the soul because of the window.
And even though the window is clean, it’s still a barrier for our soul.
It’s still not letting the actual light in.
Even the clean window is letting in a filtered light.

So no matter how clean your window is, you will never have a direct experience or the pure light of the soul.

What to do about it?

Destroy the window. Destroy the sense of “There is a barrier between me and my soul”.


picture: SnapwireSnaps (CC0 Public Domain)

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