Meditation and Mindfulness

Emotional Healing: Owning your Pain

picture:  Free-Photos (CCO Public Domain) Emotional Healing is a necessity on your spiritual journey. Through owning your pain and finding liberation through healing, you will get to feel the constant joy, magic, and acceleration of life.Why emotional healing is so important and how to do it by owning your pain will be discussed in this…


Limiting Beliefs and the Law of Attraction

A belief is a mental attitude a person holds towards an event, an object or situation, where he or she believes something to be true. While a belief does not only influence the person’s mental attitude towards something, it also influences what they attract into their life.
What beliefs are and how limiting beliefs play into the law of attraction will be discussed in this article.


The Difference Between Wanting and Needing: Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the basic rule governing this universe. The rule says that your focus determines your reality. You could think right now that it is as easy as thinking positive thoughts but there is more to the law of attraction, especially when it comes to your desires. This article is focused on the difference between wanting vs. needing.

Health & Fitness

Overcome Addiction- Why it’s so Hard and How to Actually Do It

Having and living with an addiction is very common in our society. Literally, anyone on this planet has some sort of addiction, may it be an obvious addiction such as drugs, cigarets, alcohol or a more subtle one such as food, fame, cleaning.
What an addiction is, why it’s so hard to overcome addiction and how to actually do it, will be discussed in this article.

Health & Fitness

Body Image Issues- How to stop hating your body

picture: khiemmosehee (CC0 Public Domain) Nothing in this world can be nearly more harming than having body image issues and steaming from that the feeling of hate towards your body. Even though there is this giant scene of people promoting certain body types (the slim, the fit, the muscular, the tall,..) and the other scene fighting that…