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Why belief is more important than talent

This article elaborates why belief is more important than talent and how to become good at something without having talent. You might be avoiding going after your passion because you think you don’t have talent. You look at the successful athlete or artist and think “they were born with that“, “they practiced for years already“….

Meditation and Mindfulness

Emotional Healing: Owning your Pain

picture:  Free-Photos (CCO Public Domain) Emotional Healing is a necessity on your spiritual journey. Through owning your pain and finding liberation through healing, you will get to feel the constant joy, magic, and acceleration of life. Why emotional healing is so important and how to do it by owning your pain will be discussed in…


Getting things done- 5 Easy Steps

In a society that if full of infinite opportunities to distract yourself like watching TV, spending time on social Media, playing video games and going out partying all the time it’s easy to loose track of the things that are really important to your success and well-being.


When your personal development skyrockets

When you do personal development, especially when you start it, there will be a long period of time where nothing happens. You won’t experience any big changes in your external world. You will have some shifts in your external world, but they will be small. This phase can be one to two years.