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life coach online with lorelle dehnhard

Are you stuck in nagging thoughts and destructive behavior?
Have you tried countless techniques but never achieved lasting results?

Then as a life coach online I can assist you in your breakthrough

Whether it is..

Laziness, Procrastination and Self-sabotaging Behavior 

End the inner temptation to eat unhealthily, be lazy and procrastinate and finally feel better in your skin and get things done.

Busyness And Indecisiveness

Settle the busyness and indecisiveness of your mind to finally find clarity on what the next step in your career or personal life should be.

Lack Of Purpose and Joy

Stop meaningless activities and start living a life of purpose and joy.

With Coaching, things can change fast

Often when you have recurring thoughts or patterns and failed to change them, there is something deeper that needs to be addressed. Trying to do this by yourself can be hard.

Because getting to know yourself without help is like walking in a dark forest without guidance and a flashlight. 

For that reason, this coaching is designed to shine a light together with you to navigate the dark forest.

By doing that you will get familiar with the unknown motivations and reasons behind your patterns. Only by understanding yourself, you can truly change

And after understanding there comes change.

Coaching takes you through these steps.

Your Life Coach Online

With 5+ years of experience as a life coach online and in person and career coach, I assist you in your biggest, most important, and never-ending project: your life.

By combining traditional methods from the ongoing training I visit with the unconventional methods I discover with my clients on the go, I assist you as your life coach online.

life coach online

~Lorelle Dehnhard

How it Works

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Read what clients have to say

"I have worked with other coaches and therapist’s, she has helped me more in the last couple months then the rest combined."

~ Kara

"The coaching has brought me more than I expected.
I have now reached a new stage in my life and I am very happy."

~ Tetyana

Is this really for free?

Yes, this consultation is 100% free and there is no obligation to enroll in a coaching program after the call.

What happens in the call?

After a little introduction the stage is yours for your story, your current situation and questions that you have. Based on that I will see together with you whether this life coach online program is a fit for you.

How does it work?

By clicking the button you will get a popup with a booking page where you can find a date and time that works well for you. The next step is to select that and add your email and phone number. You have the option to choose between a phone call or video call via google meet. After the booking you will get a confirmation email with the details. On the day of the consultation I will either call you or we meet in the assigned google meet link. 

I don't see availabilities that work for me, what now?

If you don't see a day and time that works for you, please send an email to with your availabilities and time zone. 

I don't have money for coaching.

In that case I suggest you brows through my website, read the articles and even watch the videos on youtube. Coaching is in that case not an option right now.


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As a native German I offer coachings in German and English.