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To those who feel uneasy, stress, anxious, depressed, and worried.

Break The Cycle Of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety To Enter A More Relaxed State Of Mind

The course that helps you bring mindfulness into your daily life to resolve your negative state of mind

Are you stuck in a bad state of mind?

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Modern society and extreme business make it difficult to find rest.

You feel rushed and uneasy by the pace of everyday life.

Netflix, alcohol, cigarettes, and eating are your escapism.

Whenever you have a small break you realize that you are totally absorbed in your mind and you miss out on the present moment.

You wish to take more care of your mental health.

Controlling The Symptom vs. Resolving The Root

Most of us are running away from uncomfortable emotions and thoughts.

We find all kinds of distractions that often turn into addictions such as alcohol, Netflix, cigarettes’, or eating.

And when we are willing to do something about your depression, anxiety, or stress, we think about controlling it.

Therapies and self-help techniques that focus on controlling might feel good for some time but they are treating the symptom and not the cause.

What you need to do instead of just treating the symptom, you need to tackle your issues with mindfulness. By mindfully observing and investigating what is causing your anxiety, stress, and depression, you will find ways to resolve them at the core.

Doing this will not only give you a greater sense of peace and calm, but you will also shift yours from being a victim to your mind and emotions to being the master of them.

Benefits of Meditation

What would life be without the prison of your own mind?

Imagine who you would be if you are free of worry, fears, stress, and anxiety. If depressive episodes are a thing from the past.

Your work is suddenly meaningful, your relationships are fulfilling and you are no longer dependent on external life to make you happy. You sleep better, you eat better, and you feel better.

In difficult situations you feel calmer, you treat yourself and others with compassion and all of a sudden you realize that you are generating your happiness from inside.

Positive thoughts a state of peace are the new normal for you.

Introducing the new course: Everyday Mindfulness

The new course helps you exit your negative thoughts and emotions to achieve a relaxed state of mind.

Everyday Mindfulness is a 7-Week course that brings Mindfulness into your daily life.

The course includes 9 guided practices with Lorelle’s voice and music. Each practice is designed to assist you in your daily life.

Each practice is from 5-10 minutes long and can be practiced in the morning, evening, or during your day.


Meet your Coach

Lorelle Dehnhard
Lorelle Dehnhard

Lorelle has been working as a professional international coach since 2017. Over the years, she has been giving public classes and private coachings to dozens of people. By helping them utilize the power of their mind clients achieved lasting inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Combining traditional meditation methods with healing and manifestation techniques to a lasting transformation in her clients.

Mindfulness Meditation Course

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What you will learn

Learn to relax your body

Catch discomforts, triggers, or negative spirals early by learning to relax your body.

 Discover the secret power of mindfulness breathing

Learn the easiest and most accessible mindfulness tool, your breath. By using it in your daily life you can powerfully enhance your mindfulness.

Start your day mindfully

Easily maintain your mindfulness and calmness during the day by starting your day with mindfulness.

Implement mindful eating

Learn to listen to your body more and make healthy food choices by eating mindfully.

How to let go of any stress and pressure at work with the power of mindfulness

Mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce stress, conflict, and anxiety. You increase your resilience and emotional intelligence by doing these practices daily.

Learn how to practice mindfulness before sleeping

With an easy technique, you learn to relax before sleeping so you can easily drift off to sleep. In the morning you feel energized and ready to start the day.

Reduce depression and anxiety with mindfulness

This technique teaches you how to respond to stress and depression with awareness rather than acting impulsively.

This Transformation is waiting for you

Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for good
Experience a clear and calm mind
Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depression
Sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed
Feel more joy and happiness in your life

Everyday Mindfulness Curriculum

How it works

1. Access the learning optimized course

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2. Practice Daily 

For best results, practice the exercises daily.

3. Join the Community

Learning is best with other people so join a community of learners and supporters. 

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Mindfulness Meditation Course

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Mindfulness Meditation Course

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Enroll Now

Save your special discount today.

Mindfulness Meditation Course

Normally $109


on time payment

Mindfulness Meditation Course

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If after 7 Days you don’t like the course, simply email and receive your money back. No questions asked.