Do you feel like you Should Meditate but you have trouble doing it by yourself on a daily basis?

Become a Meditation Master: Discover your Unique Meditation Style that suits you, learn how to stick to your daily Practice and get long-term Peace of Mind, Clarity and Focus!

You were never able to continuously Meditate without getting distracted by your Thoughts.

You may have some meditation experience. Over a couple of months, you tried some apps, some youtube meditations or you went to a class. But meditation never worked for you.

If that is you, then you’d rather keep reading

"I tried so many techniques but none of them really worked for me."


I am Lorelle and I have a meditation practice of 5 years but the first 3 years was just studying and listening to everyone else's techniques. But everyone else's technique never really worked. I tried vipassana, mindfulness and all kinds of meditation but they all required a huge time commitment and focus, which I was simply not able to do in the beginning.
But then I shifted. I stopped looking at everyone elses techniques and I started looking at my life and what I want meditation for. At that time I wanted meditation to benefit my manifestation. And that’s what I developed. A technique that suits my own manifestation practice.

Mainstream Meditation Techniques don't work for Everyone

You may don’t want to have a meditation that serves your manifestation skills. Maybe you want clarity or focus.
What you have to see and realize is that no one else in this world can give you your meditation technique. Because you are unique in your needs and wants. So you have to find your own technique.


Meditation Master

Become a Meditation Master: Discover your Unique Meditation Technique that suits your Life, learn how to stick to it and get long-term Peace of Mind, Clarity and Focus!

What I hear most meditators complain about is that they don’t stick to their meditation. And that is normal if you didn’t find the right technique yet that actually works for you.
Because to be honest:

It's not about discipline.

It's about finding and developing the meditation technique that works for you.

Find a Meditation Practice that Works for You.

Meditation Master Coaching Program

Become a Meditation Master: Discover your Unique Meditation Style that suits you, learn how to stick to your daily Practice and get long-term Peace of Mind, Clarity and Focus!

One Month Coaching Program
  • 4 Sessions, each 60 Minutes long
  • Session Summary after every Session
  • Your unique Meditation Plan for the next Three Months
  • Email Support for One Month
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Your Coach: Lorelle Dehnhard

Lorelle is a spiritual teacher from Berlin, Germany now living and teaching in Tulum, Mexico. Over the past 1,5 years, she gave several talks, interviews, and workshops around the world. She is teaching about the topics of Law of Attraction, Enlightenment, and Meditation.
Her approach to spirituality is very grounded and practice-based. The direct experience of a universal truth or law is always the basis of every teaching she offers.

This Coaching is not for you, if

  • You want to follow a traditional Meditation Path
  • You want to do what the Mainstream Does
  • You want to follow a Guru

This Coaching is for you, if

  • You want to take control of your Meditation Practice
  • You are tired of listening to other People and you want to become your Own Master
  • You are committed to making Meditation a Life-Long Practice

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I cannot recommend coaching from Lorelle highly enough. 

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  • q-iconCan I pay in installments?

    No, You can’t pay in Installments.

  • q-iconCan I refund If I don't like the Coaching?

    No, there is no option for a Refund.

  • q-iconI buy four Sessions, do I have to take all of them in one Month?

    While taking the four Sessions in One Month is highly recommended, it’s not a must. But the 4 sessions expire 6 Months after the purchase.

  • q-iconCan I do it with a friend?

    No, this coaching is only for one person. But if you want to book a Group Coaching, Contact me here.