My name is Lorelle Dehnhard and I am from Berlin, Germany but I call myself a world-citizen. I love to travel the world, write and talk about Personal Development and Spirituality. 

At the age of 18 years, I was merely hating my body, my life and everyone around me. I suffered from negative thinking, brain chatter, lack of vision and purpose and especially lack of motivation to do anything in life. Maybe you know these emo kids back in the days? That was me.

But at the age of 18 years, everything changed.

I met a girl called Elena, we became good friends.
One day I was in her flat and as I walked around her beautiful flat I saw a note on her door. On there were self-love affirmations

I asked her why she has this note on her door and what it’s about. This question initiated a long and open conversation about self-love, meditation, and happiness.

(Looking back, this conversation was the beginning of my journey.)
Inspired by the conversation with Elena, I started to practice self-love.

I observed the amazing effects these self-love practices had on my happiness for a couple of days and I wondered why nobody is teaching me this in school? If this one practice has such a profound effect on my happiness and nobody is teaching me this, what else is outside there that may improve my life? What else is there that nobody talks about in society?












Driven by these questions, I started to read all kinds books and I started to watch Youtube videos on health, presence, meditation. Later on, it went even broader to books about consciousness, relationships, sex and so on.

I implemented and practiced all the ideas I learned about.

As my fulfillment and happiness increased more and more of my dreams came true. So I discovered that I really have the power to change my destiny. That's why I started thinking about Life Purpose and how I can contribute to this world. And now, here I am. Happy, fulfilled and doing what I love.













About You

About me? You may wonder right now.

Yes, because this page is not about me, it's about you. Your peace, your happiness and your fulfillment. And not only your peace, your happiness and your fulfillment but also of humanity at large.

And to begin with we have to start with you. 

Because the world needs you. The world needs you to be an aligned and conscious human being. Because you will bring change. Positive change. The positive change the world desperately needs.

That's why all this content is for you.

Do you struggle with unbearable brain chatter, negative thoughts or overthinking?

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Furthermore, I want to say that mostly your comments and your perspectives are often more insightful than the content itself. That's why I encourage you to interact with me and other readers. Share your perspective, your insights and let us all learn and grow together.