Spiritual Teacher and Coach


The Law of Attraction is the Basic Rule governing this Universe. It says that our Focus determines our Reality. That means that anything we Focus on we Attract more of. By learning the Principles of Manifestation we enable ourselves to Create the Life of our Desires.


Meditation is the Practice of bringing our Attention away from everyday Activities and into the Present Moment which includes an awareness of all Emotions, Thoughts and Bodily Sensations. Meditation helps us to find more Clarity, Focus and Calmness. 

The Perfect Combination

Practicing Manifestation as well as Meditation is the perfect Combination not only for people who are interested in Spirituality but also for people who simply want to improve their way of Living. While Meditation helps us find Clarity and Focus for what we want, Manifestation gives us the Tools and Techniques to actually get what we want.

Manifestation Coaching & Meditation

"If a theory or teaching does not bring the results you want, it's just that, a theory." 

Lorelle Dehnhard is a Manifestation and Meditation Teacher from Berlin, Germany now living in Tulum, Mexico. She started studying and researching the topics of Spirituality at the age of 18 years. When she was 21 years old ... continue reading

Trailer of Lorelle’s Workshop at the Nomade Hotel in Tulum, Mexico